BAGGU-Wetsuit-Bag-Gear-Patrol BAGGU Wetsuit Bag
There are few things as indispensable as a good dry bag: you could be carrying around miniature teddy bear lollipops and lavender foot cream and it’d still look like you were packed for a Special Ops mission. But if you’re really putting a bag like this to use you’ll do what Baggu suggests: step in the thing after a day of surfing, strip your wetsuit off, zip it all up and haul it elsewhere to be hosed off and dried (which is exactly how you can tend to this bag should it get a little rank). The vinyl’s welded seams and zippers keep water either in or out — and ne’er the twain shall meet. $120
TW-Pitchers-Snake-Bite-Gear-Patrol- T.W. Pitchers’ Snake Bite Cider
Harkening to mind the events immediately preceding and following that first American summer of 1776, this upstart cider has its sights set squarely on the traditional English hard cider. The refreshing mix of light lager and apple cider is only available in the Bay Area at this time, which is a shame — it’s crisp and delightful to drink. But be warned: there is alcohol in there, though you can down it like apple juice.
Braven-850-Gear-Patrol- Braven 850
The 850 may be less than a foot long, but it goes the extra mile all the same. The aluminum housing hides multifunction internals — USB device charging, an integrated speakerphone (with noise cancelling tech) and 20 watts of audio output that’ll play for 20 hours on a charge. Wireless pairing means you can daisy chain multiple speakers together for true left/right aural experiences; control your audio tracks via the onboard controls; if you don’t have a Bluetooth device, there’s a line-in jack. $300
BNTO-Canning-Jar-Lunchbox-Adaptor-Gear-Patrol- BNTO Canning Jar Lunchbox Adaptor
For the avant garde commuting lunch-eater, this adapter makes quick work of every “I want to carry something wet but also something dry inside this mason jar ‘lunch box’ at the same time” problem you can think of. Want some chips and dip? Whip the dip, slip in the chips. Yogurt and granola? Bunch the crunch, keep the yogurt out of the whey. Probably not good for kids, but extremely good (not that we’d suggest it) for Molotov cocktails. $8
Lyonstate-In-house-Collection-Gear-Patrol Lyonstate In-house Collection
Online retailer Lyonstate has expanded its influence with an in-house line that features myriad shirts and some legwear — all well-tailored and made in the USA. Simple patterns and soft colors round out the line up of oxfords, and the pants and shorts are in sharp in bold, traditional colorways. Perfect for a comfortable, stylish summer at the office or on the beach.
Sharkies-Turbo-Energy-Chews-Gear-Patrol Sharkies Turbo Energy Chews
They’re made of organic ingredients; they’re Kosher; they’ve got no gluten, wheat or dairy; they’re vegetarian; they’re packed with naturally occurring electrolytes; they’re caffeinated. A triathlete created them to give a hard-working body what it needs and nothing it doesn’t. $18+