Kiehls-Facial-Fuel-Heavy-Lifting-Anti-Aging-Moisturizer-Gear-Patrol Kiehl’s Facial Fuel “Heavy Lifting” Moisturizer
While wrinkles have sometimes been glamorized in various forms of media, we’d rather age imperceptibly and maintain a smooth dermal terrain for all our days. The first line of defense is applying sunscreen daily, but for the ultimate in skin-smoothing and wrinkle reduction, looking to the best in the business isn’t a half bad idea either. Kiehl’s Facial Fuel line is clinically tested for maximum male-face effectiveness and uses linseed oil extract and caffeine, among other ingredients. $40
Victorinox-Knife-Block-13-Slot-Gear-Patrol Victorinox Knife Block And Tablet Stand
Victorinox will ever be remembered as the purveyors of a Boy Scout’s favorite efficiency tool, the multifunctional Swiss Army Knife — so the pairing of a chef’s knife block and tablet stand makes perfect sense. The block houses 13 knives of various sizes and shapes, and the base swivels to reveal a perfectly angled shelf on which to display a tablet or recipe book, which will come in handy while following instructional videos for both meal preps and first aid. $50
Acteryx-Alpha-FL-Pack-Gear-Patrol Arc’teryx Alpha FL Pack
This waterproof and rugged nylon ripstop pack is part of the brand’s 2014 collection, which maintains their Advanced Composite Construction product philosophy. The high-tech nylon works well even in extreme temps and is designed to keep water out with special zippers and a roll-top closure. The best part? This award-winner weighs at less than 700 grams, which is well under two pounds. That’s way less than that Chipotle burrito you just packed in your maw. Get this pack and get hiking, because that extra sour cream ain’t gonna burn itself off, Tubby. ()
One-Today-App-Gear-Patrol One Today App by Google
Google’s One Today app makes it simple to be a giver. Each day a new project is introduced; with a flick of the thumb, a user can donate a dollar to the cause, then share his or her donation history with friends via social media platforms or match donations friends have posted. One Today goes to show how easy it is to make a small impact on the world — even people who are all thumbs can be successful micro-philanthropists. Free
Reebok-Checklight-Gear-Patrol Reebok Checklight
Reebok’s new Checklight, a flexible helmet that uses an array of sensors and microprocessors to monitor the severity of cranial impacts its wearer experiences, aims to protect athletes in all manner of sports. The impact’s degree of severity is indicated by a yellow or red light attached directly to the device. Safety is no joke, and the goal here is to allow players, coaches, parents and trainers the ability to analyze detrimental activity in the hopes that those put in harm’s way can avoid damage down the road. $150
Joco-Travel-Coffee-Cup-Gear-Patrol Joco Travel Coffee Cup
This microwaveable creation from Down Under will have all the sheilas saying “good on ya” for being so green and stylish. In fact, Mother Earth herself might second on that opinion, as it’s a stylish and environmentally sound alternative to the ubiquitous and eco-damaging paper cups that clog our landfills. Plus, the trick lid’ll keep drops from spilling on the barbie. (Why are you drinking coffee and grilling?) $25 ()
HTC-One-Mini-Gear-Patrol HTC One Mini
4.3 inches isn’t exactly miniature, but who’s measuring? There’s plenty to keep the HTC One’s little brother from an inferiority complex: a 4MP rear camera, a 1.4GHz dual-core Snapdragon 400 with 1GB of RAM, and a display with 720p resolution pair with its more handy size to put a rocket in your pocket. ()