Hamilton-Beach-Fizzini-Gear-Patrol Hamilton Beach Fizzini
It’s hard to say why anyone wouldn’t want their Kool-Aid carbonated — maybe the world simply isn’t ready. Regardless of what your bubble-infused drink of choice may be (some Kool-Aid haters might choose to infuse something pedestrian, like water), you can make your dreams a reality, and on the go, no less. Fizzini is a handheld CO2 squirter that’ll easily stow away when not in use. Just plug in a cartridge, twist on the included bottle (filled with whatever you want fizzified) and make the magic happen. $60 ()
Bose-SoundLink-Mini-Bluetooth-Speaker-Gear-Patrol Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker
At only 1.5 pounds and 7 inches long, this little bugger can easily be plopped in your beach bag for some poolside jams. But don’t let its lightweight build fool you: this portable pint-sizer is prominent. It connects to a Bluetooth device (or via the aux input) to transmit tunes wherever you can think to travel. Compact audio tech and driver arrangement mean big sound even with a small package; three hours of charging (it can play while it re-juices) gets you a battery life of around seven hours. $199
My-Camp-Kitchen-Mini-Chef-Gear-Patrol My Camp Kitchen Mini Chef
There just aren’t enough kitchens in Nature. If you’re camping or out RVing, or simply just outside, and want to make a meal with indoor ease, this mini setup is right up your alley (especially if you’re part of the, errr, “Breaking Bad” set…). The front panel slides open and then moves into the base to make a prep surface, and six shelves provide space for all manner of kitchen gadgetry and pantry items, including a sliding shelf with a knife block and paper towel holder. All you have to do is stock it and go. $189
Best-Made-Co-Flask-Waxed-Canvas-Case-Gear-Patrol Best Made Co. Flask And Waxed Canvas Case
What separates a man who likes to drink from a man who drinks with intent? We can’t say for certain, but a well-tailored, water-resistant waxed canvas case that exists solely to protect a pocket flask might be a good indicator. Of course, this 8-ounce pewter flask is deserving of protection — it’ll hold enough to whet the thirstiest of whistles. And with “Stay Sharp” engraved on the side, it’s a sure bet that the man carrying this puppy knows the score. $148
Spinlister-Gear-Patrol Spinlister Bike Sharing App
If only Francis had used Spinlister to borrow the bike, Pee Wee wouldn’t have had to embarrass himself at the Alamo. The app connects people with bikes to people who want to rent a bike, allowing the two parties to “meet” and message each other right inside the app. Owners set a price and list what’s included in the rental (a lock, a helmet, etc.); renters choose the bike and designate the duration. Stats like number of rentals completed, response rate and contact info are also listed in-app on each biker’s — or bikee’s — profile. Turns out consensual bike borrowing is better than stealing, even if the latter does make for good cinema. Free
Octovo-Accessories-Gear-Patrol Octovo Accessories
Cross-cut Italian vegetable-tanned leather is the star of Octovo’s accessories show. Swaths of the stuff make up this new line of iPhone and iPad sleeves, wallets and travel bags. The angular cuts are attractive and functional, allowing easy access to your cash money or chic tablet, and hidden magnets in the iPad sleeves put your digital slate to sleep when it’s stowed. Slick laptop pockets and titanium and zinc hardware compliment the leather weekender’s generous interior space. octovo.com ()