Dyson-Hard-Gear-Patrol Dyson Hard
Ostensibly aimed at the wealthy set looking to ditch those tacky, white trash Swiffers for good, the Dyson Hard is a floor cleaning device that answers the question, “how can I pay way more for this?” Using the famous Dyson Digital Motor and the company’s cyclone suction tech, this dubiously named creation both vacuums and wipes the floor. For heavy-duty cleanups of, say, blood and hair — or something more common, like your kid’s spilled bowl of Cheerios — this is the tool for you. dyson.com
Nike-Free-Hyperfeel-Gear-Patrol Nike Free Hyperfeel
Nike’s newest footwear is a true minimalist design, made for runners who want as little as possible between their toes and the roadway. The compression Flyknit fabric upper keeps feet planted firmly inside, and instead of a midsole and sockliner, a one-piece, flexible Lunarlon insole does double duty with no adhesives. Strategically placed lugs on the thin outsole ensure good contact and lightweight functionality. We can’t guarantee you’ll run like a cyborg, but with shoes this high tech it wouldn’t surprise us one bit. nike.com
Honda-Mean-Mowers-Gear-Patrol Honda Mean Mower
Honda says their prototype Mean Mower will do 100 MPH on a race track, which is absurd. Why would anyone ever need to mow a race track? By dropping weight to 308 pounds and adding a 1000cc motorcycle engine to the mix, they’ve produced a machine that hits 60 in four seconds and has a claimed top speed of 130. Two electric motors spin steel cables for maximum mowing speeds of 15 MPH. Currently there are no plans to produce this beast, and as there’s not been any mention of a cupholder, who’d want one anyhow? honda.com ()
GQ-Man-Gear-Patrol GQ Men
While we’re inclined to believe the pinnacle of men’s lifestyle should be called “GP”, we understand that a lot of men are traditionalists and decide to stick with the “GQ” descriptor as the golden standard of male living. For those types, there’s a new photo book compendium that documents the magazine’s icons as they’ve appeared in print through the ages. Actors, artists, athletes, etc., all well-rounded men, and all worth taking a good long gander at. $150 ()
Baxter-After-Shave-Balm-Gear-Patrol Baxter After Shave Balm
Over the eons, ice ages have spewed glacial landscapes across the vast deserts and searing equatorial terrain of this our globe, conquering sun-ripened flora and cooling the earth as an icy pendulum swing in the planet’s battle for homeostasis. Then there’s this balm, which does the same kind of things, but to your face after a shave. $18
Billykirk-Mechanics-Belt-Gear-Patrol Billykirk Mechanics Belt
Modeled after car mechanic belts made to avoid scratching and dinging the clearcoat while leaning over fenders, this belt’s unique leather strap covers the buckle for a striking look (a look that makes you wonder if the belt shop Mohel fell asleep on the job, amirite?) It comes in four colors, all with hand-stitching; it’s also a bit wider than the original, and is meant to be worn in the shop and out on the town. $99
George-Cleverly-shoes-Mr-Porter-Gear-Patrol George Cleverley Shoes On Mr Porter
This might be the most British entity to ever exist (not to confused with a certain crybaby): custom, 100% handmade shoes crafted above a small shop in a London arcade that’s named after the company’s founder, whose last name is Cleverley. Rowling couldn’t have done better than that. Pick up a pair of desert boots or loafers via Mr Porter. Your duds won’t be made to order, but they’ll still be veddy good to look at and veddy good to wear. $895