Porsche-Steve-Mcqueen-Racing-Jacket-Gear-Patrol Porsche Steve McQueen Racing Jacket
This jacket pays homage to an icon who inspired and generated envy in dudes the world over — for his cars and driving skills almost as much as for his acting and inherent coolness. It’s got a supremely vintage, look with McQueen’s signature on the front among other logos, a Porsche logo on the back and McQueen/Porsche artwork on the inside liner. Look like Steve even if you can’t drive like him. $460
Lonewolf-Camera-Straps-Gear-Patrol LoneWolf Goods Camera Straps
Whether you’re vying for a good position in the media pen at a fashion show runway or hiking solo to a beautiful mountain summit to score the perfect panoramic view, you should look great doing it. (Hell, if you’re getting some scrapbook shots at your kid’s birthday party you should look great doing it). Lone Wolf’s camera straps come in bright and natty colorways for primo fashion points and are made with sturdy materials: padded straps with leather strap ends to keep your rig in place and accessible. $34+
Kaufmann-Mercantile-Travel-Chair-Gear-Patrol Kaufmann Mercantile Waxed Canvas & White Ash Travel Chair
Danish Oil is used on these White Ash chairs, giving them a water-repellent, varnished finish. The backrest is positioned to accommodate varying heights, and is made of waxed canvas to withstand the weather and your sweaty back. Easy to assemble and fold up for storage and transport, each chair can hold up to 300 pounds, so even Uncle George can come to the parade this year. (Poor, fat Uncle George.) $98
Filson-Suit-Cover-Gear-Patrol Filson Suit Cover
What would you expect from a Filson garment bag but oiled Twill, bridle leather and brass? They say it’ll hold two suits, folded or not, and that the outer zipper pocket is handy for accessories and the like. But it’s so rugged, so outdoors-influenced, that we wager no matter what you put inside (be it an Italian silk tuxedo or cashmere workday blazer) you’ll pull out a tweed hunting jacket, a shotgun and a Beagle. $275
Motorola-Droids-2013-Gear-Patrol Motorola Droid Ultra, Maxx and Mini
The new Droid lineup includes three models, all more slim than ever. Oddly, the Ultra and Maxx are essentially the same phone, with 5-inch 720p touchscreens, though the Maxx is a millimeter smaller, purportedly giving it longer battery life (the Maxx also has more storage capacity than the Ultra). The Mini has a 4.3-inch 720p screen. All three come with a heavy Google influence and standard issue Droid tech. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more. motorola.com ()
Josef-Rainer-Masterpiece--Shaker-Gear-Patrol Josef Rainer Masterpiece Shaker
Don’t you dare roll your eyes. What, you think that when you become a sultan you won’t want to mix a drink every now and then? Of course at that point a normal one won’t be good enough. Each of these shakers is handmade to order out of pure silver or gold with the buyer’s initials etched right in. Hear that? Silver and gold — naturally antibacterial metals. And that means your cocktails won’t have bacteria in them, unlike the swill every other proletariat bartender throws down the gullets of his plebeian customers. jr-shaker.com