There’s no denying the Samsung Galaxy S4’s universal mass appeal. Dynamic functionality combined with surreal processing power make it by far the most dominant smartphone ever built. But truth be told, all that badass technology isn’t enough to masquerade the handset’s cheap and conservative design. Think we’re being too harsh? Google the top GS4 reviews and you’ll see nearly every major mobile critic shares the same sentiments.

Sammy’s decision to don the next-gen Galaxy with a plastic rear cover left a bad impression on consumers from the git-go. And with recent damage tests and teardown reports suggesting the GS4 is more fragile than the iPhone 5, it’s only wise to invest in an insurance policy after spending serious coin on such a device.

When it comes to mobile safeguards, the iPhone remains king in terms of selection. However, thanks to the record-breaking sales of the Galaxy S3, case makers from across the globe have taken aim at Samsung’s flagship product. So whether you seek extra power, rugged protection, or simple style, know there’s something out there for you. You’re only spoiled for choice. We narrow down the field to 30 or so.

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