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Kit: Charcoal Grilling

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Grilling fuel, while not quite as complicated as robotics or open-heart surgery, has seen its share of technological advances over the years. Open flames gave way to charcoal; then in came propane followed quickly by direct gas lines. Though gas claims to be the zenith of direct-heat cooking, outdoor maestros the world over still rely on those little black briquettes. What do they know that we don’t? Well, charcoal has always been lauded for the flavor it imparts and the fact that it doesn’t require replaceable tanks — not to mention that it’s completely portable.

Since we’ve already outlined the grills you should be looking at this summer, it’s about time we throw together some grilling essentials to accompany your coal-filled, sizzle-causin’ steed. The point is to enjoy it as much as (or a little more than) the millions of men have before you.

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