Todd-Snyder-Gear-Patrol Todd Snyder + Champion
Men’s fashion favorite Todd Snyder pored over Champion’s 93 year-old archives to find the most classic pieces they’ve made to date, then revamped them to reflect current trends. Think well-tailored, slimmer cut sweatshirts and sweatpants, subtle detailing and color blocks. We don’t suggest working out in a three-piece suit, but these looks are definitely chic enough to fit in outside the gym. (Kudos to you if you rock sweats at work.) ()
Tap-and-dye-strap-gear-patrol Tap & Dye Camera Straps
There’s a strong dose of heritage in every Tap & Dye strap. Each is made of materials sourced and made in the States, and it’s all done by hand — the rivets, the sanding, the cutting, the stamping — in New York City without the use of machinery. Check out the Legacy wrist strap for a striking, minimalist short tether; pick up the longer sling strap for more versatility. Then hook up your precision-engineered, Japanese-manufactured, laser-cut, robot-assembled DSLR to one end and take some pictures of ‘Merica.
Openairplane-Gear-Patrol OpenAirplane
If there’s one itch we’ve never been able to easily scratch, it’s renting an airplane to go for a joyride on a whim. Seems like the proverbial flight of fancy, does it not? With OpenAirplane, a pilot need only take a standardized text to qualify and pass a safety exam each year. Then, via browser or smartphone app, that same pilot finds an (wait for it…) open airplane nearby, reserves it and flies away. Pilots are rated by the independent companies who own the planes being rented, and each aircraft has to be returned to its home airport. Free ()
Shwood-Eugene-Gear-Patrol Shwood Eugene Frames
All the eyewear in the Shwood lineup is handcrafted and assembled in the company’s Portland workshop and fitted with either polarized or imported Carl Zeiss lenses. But what’s most notable — aside from their unique, design-heeavy looks — is the materials used. Wood is the main product here, its natural grain touted as the centerpiece of the frames, accompanied by metal hardware (and in some cases actual slate). $185
Nike-Flyknit-Free-Gear-Patrol Nike Free Flyknit
Flyknit has become Nike’s material of choice for eye-catching, performance-enhancing footwear of late, and we can’t complain. The uppers of this pair allow a runner’s foot to flex and breathe, and its knitted construction reduces waste by almost 90%. The Free midsole is engineered for a comfortable and neutral support, and the diagonal sipes in the Free sole maintain natural movement. Now if only the Free were free… $160
Sandisk-Connect-Gear-Patrol SanDisk Connect Wireless Media Drive
The Connect is a wireless storage and streaming device that holds an eight-hour charge (just enough to get through a season of your favorite show or about .00002% of the cat videos uploaded to YouTube today). Memory card slots allow for easy viewing of camera photos and other media, too. Connect can stream five movies at the same time, which means you can take your family on vacation to a beautiful, secluded lake house and each sit in a different room and not talk to each other. For eight hours!