The vintage polished aluminum of Airstream Trailers is as recognizable as the curvaceous body of a ‘Vette. Nowadays, they transport everyone from happy families to celebrities; Felix Baumgartner even holed up in one before his stratospheric leap. Previously unchanged in its 82-year history, the newly released Airstream Land Yacht ($140,000) brings a new level of sophistication in materials and design to this classic roving hotel room.

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By getting back to the original inspiration of the company — that is, making a land travel experience similar to that of a yacht — Airstream created a 28-foot nautically themed high-end camping haven. Designed in cooperation with Italian yacht company Riva, Officina Italiana Design and high-end cabinet maker Technoform S.p.A, the Airstream Land Yacht features teak flooring, LED panel lighting, a powered table pedestal, room for five and the silent ducted air system. We witnessed the beautifully executed result and quickly realized that this yacht might just end up keeping those lovers of the outdoors inside.