The venerable station wagon is no longer what it was: a dowdy people hauler that oftentimes “sported” less than favorable designs (faux wood paneling, anyone?). And though the American populace now prefers cross-overs, station wagons still survive in the domestic automotive landscape. We’d argue that they oftentimes look better than even their sedan brethren (see the non-U.S. Mazda6 5-Door). And with lower centers of gravity, sleeker profiles and better driving dynamics than their SUV counterparts (typically), there are plenty of reasons to love them. We certainly do.

It’s for all of the aforementioned reasons that wagons sell in much bigger numbers in Europe. They get it, you see. And so with the hope of bringing the States around to how truly great they are, we give you five of the best wagons (and, sadly, some of the only ones left for sale here). Let’s just hope they never completely disappear.

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