Capture-Pro-Camera-Clip-v2-Gear-Patrol Capture Pro Camera Clip v2
The “gear-up” montage is an action movie cornerstone: quick cuts of the hero strapping on body armor, loading pistols, hooking magazines to a bandolier — each motion accompanied by a meaty click. If you’re a camera slinger you can bring the montage to life with this all-aluminum clip, the second iteration of an extremely successful design. The v2 attaches to any strap or belt you can imagine via a trick clamping system, and the tripod mount function means you can set up and break down easily and in a flash. Clip your shooter in and set it free with the quick release button. Just don’t get carried away and throw your DSLR like a grenade. $50+
Belkin-Wemo-Light-Switch-Gear-Patrol Belkin WeMo Light Switch
The WeMo replaces any standard light switch hardware and connects directly to your home’s wi-fi network, enabling you to turn your lights on and off remotely via your smartphone or tablet wherever there’s a data connection. Plug your location into the app and your lights will automatically turn on and off according to your local sunrise/sunset times. Alternatively, use the app to manually light up your entryway before arriving home late at night, or to make your babysitter think the house is possessed. $50
Thule-Perspektiv-Daypack-Gear-Patrol Thule Perspektiv Daypack
This daypack provides ultimate waterproof security and quick accessibility. Welded and taped seams supplemented by water-resistant zippers keep the damp from raining on your parade camera gear, and a stowable rain fly seals out water completely. Extra compartments and pockets swallow up memory cards and accessories, and padded straps make for comfy carrying, even over long hauls. The modular SafeZone compartment provides an extra level of protection to your delicates and is removable for hiding away in a safe or under your pillow at night if need to be extra careful. $160
Grid-by-Binary-Thumb-Gear-Patrol Grid
For those of us who think visually, or perhaps just really miss Hollywood Squares, spreadsheets have always been a bit of a discordant nightmare. All those boxes in neat rows scream “great way to organize images and all manner of data” when in reality they’re just a giant data suck for number geeks who memorize tax formulas. Grid enables spreadsheet hackers to organize picture collages, lists, notes — really, whatever you could ever want to put in an easy-to-navigate, intuitive grid format. Free
BMW-i3-Gear-Patrol BMW i3
Boasting a carbon-fiber reinforced plastic shell — the first mass-produced monocoque of its type on a production car (dubbed the *ahem* “Life Module”) — BMW’s new i3 electric car weighs in at an impressive 2,700 pounds. That means the 170-horsepower electric motor (driving the rear wheels, thankfully) and 184 lb-ft of torque rush the car to 60 in a hushed 7 seconds. A 650cc gas engine is on board only to recharge the lithium ion battery pack, which, when fully charged, should provide an 80-100 mile range with a top speed of 93 MPH. The interior is made of intriguing, sustainable materials and BMW stayed true to its futuristic concept design — no complaints here. $41,350
Razor-Shield-Gear-Patrol Hyd Razor Shield
You put aftershave on your face to maintain its healthy, nick-free, chiseled sheen, but how often do you consider your razor upkeep? Apply this oil-based formula to your blades after each use to preserve them; it creates a liquid barrier that keeps them sharp, effective, and comfortable against your skin. $18