Google-Nexus-7-2013-Gear-Patrol Google Nexus 7
2.3 million. No, that’s not how much Larry Page makes every time you do a search for “how to bake a potato”. It’s the number of pixels on Google’s newest 7-inch Nexus 7 tablet, which also packs dual stereo speakers and a quad-core Snapdragon processor paired to 2GB of RAM for lightning-speed operation. The tablet comes pre-packed with Google apps and Android 4.3, and it all weighs just 0.64 pounds. The battery’s good for 9 hours of video playback and 10 hours of ‘net surfing — just enough time to perfect that potato dish. $229+
Household-Essentials-Sneaker-Wash-and-Dry-Bag-Gear-Patrol Household Essentials Polyester Sneaker Wash and Dry Bag
Clunk-CLUNK. Clunk-CLUNK. Ah, the abhorrent, monotonous din of a pair of shoes going through the dryer. This wash and dry bag eliminates most of unpleasant byproducts of shoe cleansing: the bag keeps your kicks contained while they swirl through the spin cycle, and special hooks keep the bag anchored to the dryer door when it’s time to bake the moisture away. $5
Suerte-Tequlia-Gear-Patrol Suerte Tequila
Most people could use a little more luck when they drink tequila, if not a lesson in keener, more responsible judgement. Suerte says the delicious and devilish liquid was discovered mostly by luck — a farmer’s wife happened to witness a rabbit getting hammered on fermented agave. (How much would that video have killed on Youtube?) A tattooed rabbit emblazons each bottle of Suerte — blanco, reposado and añejo — which is filled with 100% agave tequila originating in the Jalisco Highlands. $40 ()
Simon-and-Me-The-Gents-Comb-Gear-Patrol Simon & Me The Gents Comb
Some guys can’t get away with the messy, purposely unkempt look much past their early adulthood, at which point they change hairstyles to look more office appropriate. Whatever your reason for ditching the putty and picking up a comb, good on you. You may not look like Don Draper (you don’t; take off the fedora), but you do look your age. And you could do a lot worse than using a Simon & Me comb — each one hand-made in Germany — to keep your follicles in line.
New-Beats-By-Dre-Studio-Headphones-Gear-Patrol Beats by Dre Studio Headphones
Dr. Dre’s PhD must mean Phat…ummm…Drums…? Dynamics? (Can we even publish the word “phat”?) His latest Studio headphones are lighter than the previous gen, and their Adaptive Noise Canceling works hard to isolate only the sounds you want to hear. The rechargeable batteries last a full 20 hours and get their juice via mini USB. Of course they collapse for storage and are available in three fly colors. (“Fly” is okay, right?) $300
TaylorMade-SLDR-Gear-Patrol TaylorMade SLDR
This adjustable driver is so accurate and will improve your swing so drastically that you’ll be able to smack the vowels right out of your glf blls. It’s designed to increase your launch angle and reduce spin on the ball. The 20-gram sliding weight is quickly adjustable and moves along a 21-point track (the ends of which are marked “fade” and “draw” lest you get mixed up) to put precision oomph behind your next stroke. $400+