Stitch by stitch

A Day in the Life of a British Clothing Factory

Why is it, exactly, that a shirt seems more valuable once I’ve laid eyes on the kindly British ladies who stitched it? What changes the experience of wearing clothes from one of mere consumption to something like participation? The quality, the history, the vision of a brand – these, of course, are advertising ploys at their finest. It’s easy to dismiss opulence as the fodder for braggadocio it all too often is.

If you’re interested in savings the money, Sunspel’s $50 boxers and $200 sweatpants appear wasteful bordering on offensive. But a wise man once said that all value is perceived value; after all, what is “true” value anyway? For those of us fortunate enough to even ponder such questions – an increasing number in the modern age – brands like Sunspel offer something worthwhile. When a base level of quality becomes standardized, details like history and handwork make all the difference. Kindly British ladies, too.