LG-PG65U-Portable-LED-Projector-Gear-Patrol-Final LG PG65U Portable LED Projector
Finally a way to easily watch movies, tv shows and other media in a large format without the risk of a heavy monitor falling off the wall and killing your cat. The LED bulbs in this portable unit last 30,000 hours and project a 125-inch image. There’s a built-in digital TV tuner and wi-fi capability; Miracast compatibility for sharing content; and WiDi connectivity means it’s easy to use the projector as a presentation screen. A USB port makes it easy to view files, movies and images anywhere you go. $649
Jack-Handy-The-Stench-of-Honolulu-Gear-Patrol-Final The Stench of Honolulu: A Tropical Adventure
If you’ve been living under a huge rock for the past couple deades, you might not know who Jack Handey is, and you’ve probably not heard of his brilliant one liner musings as showcased on Saturday Night Live. You’re also probably dead because rocks are heavy and you should have tried a house instead because they have walls to keep the roof from crushing occupants. Look, Handey wrote an absurdist novel about some guys who go to Hawaii in search of treasure. It’s funny. You’ll like it. $14
Por-Homme-Trench-by-Stock-Manufacturing-Gear-Patrol Por Homme Trench by Stock Manufacturing
Stock Manufacturing, based in Chicago, lets their customers curate the goods they sell, which means they post potential designs and leave what they produce up to a vote. Stock then does limited runs of high-quality duds. This time around they’re offering a mid-thigh trench coat done in collaboration with Por Homme mag. There are plenty of pockets, it’s water-repellent, and only 12 are being made — by hand — all expertly tailored and at a killer price. $275
Oblivion-Blu-Ray-Gear-Patrol-Final Oblivion On Blu Ray
Bad news: Earth has been ravaged by an alien/Earthling war and humans can no longer inhabit the planet. Good news: Morgan Freeman. Better news: Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise flies a wicked awesome aircraft and Tom Cruise rides a killer motorcycle. Tom Cruise kicks major ass. Pre-order now: charge to your local DVD outlet; immediately get to e-shopping. Then sit back, smug, and wait for the glory to arrive. $24
Dyson-Dyson-DC49-Multi-Floor-Vacuum-Gear-Patrol-Final Dyson DC49 Multi Floor Vacuum
Space is at a premium in city apartments, but dirt doesn’t really care how much real estate you do or don’t have. Dyson does, though, and they also care about keeping the noise down. This unit is designed to clean any floor surface using the smallest example of Dyson’s digital motor; it also uses Dyson ball tech for easy maneuvering around Ikea furniture. Moreover, it’s acoustically engineered to keep the noise down, lest Ms. Rodriguez downstairs gets all broom-handle happy on her ceiling. (But do consider vacuuming at a reasonable hour.) $533
Snagfilms-Gear-Patrol-Final SnagFilms Streaming Movies
If you dig the weird and wacky, the independent, the obscure and also the free, navigate on over to SnagFilms for around 7,000 titles (currently) from film festivals and rare film vaults. For a free site the selection is vast, and with more titles adding soon, you’ll always have an oddity to ogle. Free