Cyrus-Noble-Bourbon-Gear-Patrol Cyrus Noble Bourbon
One jug of this Kentucky-distilled, San Francisco-bottled 90-proof bourbon can be had for less as you might pay for a night at the movies, yet returns worlds more entertainment. It’s been around since the gold rush days, and who wouldn’t want to tipple a glass of affordable Americana born of the days when men weren’t expected to shower, but rather to play in the mountains for weeks on end? $25 ()
Feed-Zone-Portables-Cookbook-Gear-Patrol Feed Zone Portables Cookbook
A joint effort between a real-life doctor and a real-life chef, this cookbook is 75 recipes of high-impact, healthy food geared especially toward athletes and exercisers (though they make great snacks for the less fit, too). These meals are made to be taken on the go, à la treats cyclists chomp on while racing, and many are vegetarian and gluten-free combos; all are easy enough for a novice to put together. $25 ()
One-Giant-Leap-Kayak-Power-Meter-Gear-Patrol One Giant Leap Kayak Power Meter
This carbon fiber kayak paddle stick is watching you. Until now cyclists have gotten all the love from Big Brother, what with tracking their power output and other stats with all sort of fancy gizmos. This kit — you’ll need to secure blades to the poles using included hardware — tracks users’ power output, balance and stroke rate, all visualized on an ANT+ compatible device. If you’re into peak performance, give yourself the shaft post-haste. $837
Ronin-x-Baxter-Handwash-Gear-Patrol- Ronin x Baxter of California Limited Edition Handwash
Leave it to people involved with restaurants to make a mouthwatering soap recipe: coconut, blackcurrant, aloe and jojoba oil. Mix ’em together and you’ve got a hand cleanser fit equally for the kitchen and your private abode. Don’t let the skeleton graphic on the label dissuade you; you’ll smell like anything but death should you be lucky enough to snag a bottle. $21 ()
Best-Made-Co-Ocean-Master-Knife-Gear-Patrol Best Made Co. Ocean Master Knife
YARRRRRR. Avast, matey. Fixin’ tah spike ye a marlin’, are ye? Fixin’ tah open yerself a brew aftarrrward? Gonna be guttin’ that fish yerself? YARRRR *cough* Ahem. This is the perfect tool to buy with all that saved up deck-swabbing money you keep in the tackle box under your bunk. It’s small and boasts all the tools you’ll need for fighting fish — including a spike for spiking things, a bottle opener and a serrated sheepsfoot blade. A rope lanyard ensures it doesn’t wash away at sea. $84
Logitech-Bluetooth-Speakers-Z600-Gear-Patrol Logitech Z600 Bluetooth Speakers
Speakers, man. They always look so speakery and stuff. These speakers, with three drivers each, touch-sensitive volume control, flat cables and Bluetooth connectivity, don’t really look all that speakery. In fact, they look like little sculpted columns that would pair terrifically next to your little laptop, which, coincidentally, does not look all that laptopy. $150