Stikwood-Gear-Patrol Stikwood
Hey, buddy. Don’t be too down on yourself. You’ve got a lot going for you. The correspondent’s course in comic book typography is definitely going to pay off some day, and you’re a top tier dragon master or whatever you call it. So what if you’re living in your parent’s basement? Here. Let’s take down these Jean Grey fanfic posters and cover the cinder block with some Stikwood. Just peel off the backing and stick up several square feet of wood paneling; it’s sustainable, reclaimed and made in the USA, just like your father’s disappointment. (Also good for normal homes and businesses.)
Rancourt-x-Portland-Dry-Goods-Gear-Patrol Portland Dry Goods X Rancourt
Portland Dry Goods, those purveyors of all things rugged and desirable, have paired with Rancourt for a run of shoes and belts that’d make any stylish backwoodsman drool right onto the floor of his log cabin. Three belts accompany a moc, boat shoe and loafer, all in woodsy neutral hues, all made of tough but attractive leather and sewn together by hand in Maine.
Djay-2-Gear-Patrol djay 2
Let’s say you’ve got a problem. We can solve it: check out this iOS app and if you’re a DJ, revolve it. (Oh, but for more Vanilla Ice references in daily life.) Version 2 of this djay app uses a trick “sliding” interface to maximize the efficiency and usability of turntables, a drum machine and HD waveforms, all on your iPad, iPhone or computer. It’s good for live performances and creating on the fly, but we recommend you set the Automix feature and let our computer overlords do the work. The music library interface is new, there’s an integrated sampler, and it’ll work with your physical peripherals as well. $5
Piola-Sustainable-Sneakers-Gear-Patrol Piola Sustainable Sneakers
Wild rubber, organic Tanguïs cotton, ultra-premium cow leather and alpaca wool. There’s only one problem-free way to get all those items through Customs, and that’s to wear them on your feet. (Actually, take them off and place them in a bin, sir.) Leave it to the French to produce chic footwear that’s also fair trade. These are made in Portugal, and some of the elements were procured in partnership with the UN and the WWF (no, not that one), so if you’re of the responsible bent and need footwear, look no further. $123+ ()
Quickboats-Gear-Patrol Quickboats
We’re not going to say that this snap together boat is obviously the work of the slightly campy geniuses down in Q Branch. We’re not going to suggest it could be slipped into the floor pan of a slightly modified sports car and jettisoned out in an emergency; nor are we going to imply that the only way to truly enjoy this craft is to wear a tuxedo under your wetsuit. But we will point out that it seems easy to transport, there are but a handful of parts and it’s literally a boat that snaps together. You can put a motor on it. And then add aftermarket machine guns, natch. $4,375
Perry-Ellis-Gear-Patrol Perry Ellis Fragrance For Men
Ever smell another person, accidentally, maybe on the subway or a bus? Ever really want to smell like just that guy? Well you can smell like another guy now. You can smell like Perry Ellis. (What, expecting someone else?) The fragrance includes hints of multiple trees, herbs, spices and other edibles. We’re told it’s a good summer-to-fall transition scent. But being able to say “I smell like another man” should be enough of an enticement. $50+
Motorola-Moto-X-Gear-Patrol Motorola Moto X
Motorola’s Moto X is the first smartphone to be assembled right here in the USA. It’s also the first device that allows buyers to customize its look by choosing from a variety of body and accent colors. Spec for spec (4.7-inch screen, 10MP rear camera, 2G of RAM), it may not compete with the best, but Motorola could care less. Thanks to a bevy of new software tweaks like “Touchless Control” and “Active Notifications” combined with claims of a 24 hour battery life, they’re betting the casual mobile user will enjoy it just fine.