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Nissan GT-R – Takumi: The Master Craftsmen Behind Nissan

To drive the Nissan GT-R is to experience fire-breathing automotive clinical precision if there ever was such a melding of worlds. Its wicked track chops and an astounding 0-60 time of under 3 seconds belie the car’s relatively affordable price of $97k. The GT-R makes mincemeat out of cars costing two to three times as much, and its performance legacy goes all the way back to the super-fast, super-sleek Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 from 1989. It seems the car’s cult-following will be easily carried forward by the current beast from the far east.

And though the supremely capable Nissan GT-R is a feat of automotive technology, the craftsmanship of the “Takumi” or “master craftsmen” who build the beasts’ monstrous VR38 twin-turbo V8 engines transcends vehicle assembly. Only four men can boast this level of skill for Nissan, and each one prides himself on hand-building the heavy-breathing engines beneath the hood of the current Japanese supercar. There’s no shortage of skill or humility in these four “samurai of the streets”, and our latest Viewfinder shows you their handcraft in an age of burgeoning technology.