Best Made Co Sheffield Kevlar Shears
These 10-inch shears are just the excuse you’ve been looking for. Now there’s no reason to not start a boutique bulletproof vest shop — pick up a pair and cut Kevlar for the rest of your days. They’ve got that classic “shear” look to them, albeit coated with black Xlyan, which means ain’t nothin’ stickin’ to ’em, and the things weigh an entire pound. Also available are 8-inch shears and 5-inch scissors, both in the same vein. Regardless of the size of your snippers, these guys’ll certainly cut the mustard. And the Kevlar. $36+ ()
Eddie-Harrop-The-Weekender-Bag-Gear-Patrol Eddie Harrop The Weekender Bag
Something for the weekend traveler aesthete, this bag is leather (either light tan or mossy green) with suede straps (check out the rep tie-esque stripes) and lined with red patterned silk. Included is a little linen bag for whatever delicate doodads you might be transporting. Indeed, it may be worth jetsetting to some chic locale just to show off your flashy luggage. $591
Panasonic-Lumix-GX7-Gear-Patrol Panasonic Lumix GX7
Panasonic’s latest GX camera is a rather capable little fella with classic good looks. The mirrorless, 16MP shooter boasts a 3-inch digital viewscreen and an eyepiece that tilts a full 90 degrees. The shutter speed tops out at 1/8000 and it’ll shoot five frames per second in burst mode. Body-based image stabilization and tap-the-screen-to-adjust auto focus accompany wifi hotspot capability that enables you to control the camera from your phone and 1080p video is available in several different frame rates. Buy the body only or shell out 100 extra bucks and get a basic zoom lens too. $1,000 ()
The-Armoury-One-Wash-Selvage-Denim-Jeans-Gear-Patrol The Armoury One Wash Selvage Denim Jeans
Just because these mid-rise, tapered and unbranded jeans are called “one wash” doesn’t mean you can skip laundry day, okay? You still have to do your sheets and your undies and socks. We’re betting the denim in these Hong Kong pantaloons is tough enough to break your washing machine anyhow, so it might be in your best interest to keep them clean. $374
The-Flame-Stower-Gear-Patrol Flame Stower
The Flame Stower is the missing link. Had it been around in the Cro-Magnon days, those chaps could have been tweeting and taking selfies the moment they discovered fire. (Well, a few hours after anyhow.) Any USB device can get some extra juice via this trick little science experiment. Fill the reservoir with water and place the “blade” in an open flame in order for the thermoelectric generator to do its thing, then plug in your device and send that email. Sure beats painting on cave walls. $60
Polaar-Icy-Magic-Eye-Patch-Gear-Patrol Polaar Icy Magic Eye Patch
Four applications. Is that so much work, guys? It’s worth it — you look like absolute hell after your weekend…ahem…activities, and those dark, puffy circles beneath your eyes aren’t going anywhere on their own. These patches contain Siberian Ginseng and Tetrapeptides, active ingredients that work to tauten up your eye bags and diminish the near black eyes you’re sporting after your lover’s quarrel with Tequila Saturday night. Use them once a week for a month, which is one pack’s worth. $30 ()