Eddie-Bauer-Power-Katabatic-Tent-Gear-Patrol Eddie Bauer Power Katabatic Tent
Modern camping isn’t so much about getting away from it all as it is getting away from a lot (if not some) of it all: if you can’t see or easily reach concrete, you’re technically camping. Eddie Bauer has answered the call of the semi-wild with this Goal Zero collaboration (coming soon), which pairs a monocrystalline solar array with their Katabatic tent, wiring the whole thing for device charging (USB, 12V, and more) after a day’s worth of rays. Hike, text, climb, GPS navigate, go bird-watching, and rest assured that you can do it all tomorrow morning. eddiebauer.com ()
Meridian-Director-DAC-Gear-Patrol Meridian Director DAC
Meridian’s new digital-to-analog converter is ready to change the way you listen with your ears to sounds that come out of speakers. Boasting 24-bit resolution and 192khz sampling, the Director jibes with all manner of digital components and even plays nice with high-quality USB devices. Sometimes a bad director can ruin the final product (looking at you, M. Night), but that isn’t the case here, lads. Improve your aural experiences with this Director. (And don’t ever rent Lady in the Water.) $699
Newton-EnergyNR-Running-Shoe-Gear-Patrol Newton EnergyNR Running Shoe
This minimalist running shoe from indie company Newton is disguised as somewhat conventional footwear (not that you five-toe-having sprinters have anything to hide). The breathable mesh upper and 6mm heel-to-toe drop are engineered for precision performance, and, since the apple never falls far from the tree — but on Earth always down! (requisite gravity joke) — this runner also features Newton’s signature “Action/Reaction” sole (which is, of course, itself a particularly heavy Sir Isaac reference). $119 ()
Buffalo-Trace-Stagg-Jr-Bourbon-Gear-Patrol Buffalo Trace Stagg Jr. Bourbon
Ever go stag to a party? Ever been to a Stag Party? Ever say “stag” so much it stops making any verbal sense at all? This here new blend from the truly killer Buffalo Trace distillery is named after George T. Stagg, prominent distiller during America’s Golden Age of bourbon back in the 1800s. The taste is said to be sweet and spicy, and if you have enough you’ll probably stagger home. buffalotracedistillery.com
J-Crew-Ludlow-Single-Button-Sport-Coat-Gear-Patrol J. Crew Ludlow Single Button Sport Coat
When a man needs a suit that’s impeccably cut from fine materials and offered at a somewhat remarkably accessible price, he need look no further than a Ludlow suit. This is known. This is the way of things. But man need not live by suit alone; indeed, he shall at times wish to wear trousers cut not from the same cloth as his jacket. When it’s time for a sport coat, a man could do a lot worse than a Ludlow blazer. This one happens to be single button, which adds a deliberate element of classic style to the inherent classy cachet. $218
Epic-Protein-Bars-Gear-Patrol EPIC Protein Bars
Pick up a 12 pack of EPIC bars and you’ll be eating protein from animals who probably had a more pleasant and efficient life than you’ll ever hope to live. Only animals that lived “pasture-centered” lifestyles are used to make these bars, both because the critters were presumably “happier” and because pasture-grazing requires little to no fossil fuels. Grass-fed beasts are packed with nutrients and such, which means eating them is a healthier proposition than ingesting their caged brethren. But this isn’t jerky — fruits and nuts are combined with the protein to make a uniquely healthy energy snack. $34