A return to 007

Rewind: Bond Week

There have been great Bonds and there have been questionable Bonds, but at some point during every one of Ian Fleming’s stories you can’t help but envy 007. We can never decide whether it’s his watches, cars or inimitable coolness that keeps us coming back — so we had to cover them all. Our best from Bond week will keep you entertained whether you prefer Honey Ryder or Plenty O’Toole. Read on to see them all.

watches-of-james-bond-timekeeping-gear-patrol- The Watches of James Bond
The history of James Bond and his timepiece choices can really be divided up into the “Rolex Era” and the “Omega Era”, despite the fact that the Bonds of Roger Moore and Timothy Dalton donned digital Seikos and a TAG Heuer in between. But Moore’s 007 had more to be ashamed of than what he wore on his wrist, and when was the last time you watched License to Kill? That’s what we thought. Read the Story »
james-bond-hotels-peninsula-hong-kong-gear-patrol-lead-full The Hotels of James Bond
Every guy has dreamed of living the Bond life at some point in time. Practicing your Scottish accent in the mirror won’t guarantee that. But following 007’s jet-setting contrails? That’s totally doable gents, and it starts with finding the right place to stay on this list of Bond-approved accommodations. Read the Guide »
what-bond-should-have-driven-gear-patrol-lead-full Bond Cars: What He Should Have Driven
What are as stunning as the women Bond has not-so-lasting relations with? His cars. Some — like the quintessential DB5 — we worship; others — the horrid AMC Hornet X Sedan, for example — are as tempting as having your privates divided by a laser beam. We decided to take a closer look at the definitive, the utterly awful and everything in between, all while selecting alternative rides that we think were worthy as secret agent transportation, for both the clunkers and the greats. Read the Story »
james-bond-skyfall-stuntman-choreographer-gear-patrol-lead-full Interview: Bond’s Stunt Coordinators
21st century moviegoers think technology has taken the dirty work out of filmmaking, leaving the job of faking the “impossible” in the hands of the hardest-working person in the Hollywood: CGI. But the best action directors still understand there’s no airbrushing when it comes to the strain of a man at his desperate limits. Bond was invented to stretch our expectations of what one soul can do on his own, but on the silver screen, someone actually has to walk Fleming’s talk. These are the men who teach Daniel Craig to fight like a character of his enormous stature, and who sub in to do his dirty work when the danger gets real. Read the Interview »
defense-journal-walther-ppk-gear-patrol-lead-ipad Defense Journal: Bond’s Gun, the Walther PPK
Of iconic weapons — Dirty Harry’s “most powerful” .44 Magnum, Rooster Cogburn’s Winchester 1894 lever-action repeating rifle, Indiana Jones’ Webley Mark VI, Scarface’s “little friend” — the Walther has endured. It is the only device used by all the Bond actors (exploding pen or speargun, anyone?); yes, even that guy from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. We examine where the fictional meets the real history of the Walther PPK. Read the Story »
bollinger-2002-for-james-bond-007-gear-patrol-lead-full Bollinger 002 for 007 Champagne
The truth is, we’ve never sipped an ounce of champagne from this silencer-inspired bottle of Bollinger 002 for 007 Limited Edition Champagne (~$160), which opens only when the code “007? is entered into the gimmicky combination lock. But we have been fortunate enough to taste this particular vintage of Bollinger La Grande Année 2002 once before, and we relished every drop of it. Read the Review »