adidas-Originals-My-adidas-Superstars-Gear-Patrol Adidas Originals Run DMC Series
This collaboration is so perfectly awsome that there’s nearly no need to make a “walk this way” joke (though we’d never purport to usurp the original). Adidas’ classic Superstar 80s have gotten a moderate makeover for this run, with a special sockliner, logo on the tongue and an elasticized tongue for sans-laces wearing, just like Run DMC themselves. Check out the branded apparel to represent a little harder.
2014-Indian-Chief-Motorcycles-Gear-Patrol 2014 Indian Chief Motorcycles
Indian Motorcycle’s new Chief lineup, revealed last week to a crowd of enthusiasts in motorcycle mecca Sturgis, South Dakota, features three models — all powered by Indian’s Thunder Stroke 49-degree, air-cooled V-twin engine and aimed squarely at continuing the brand’s historical aesthetics and modern mechanicals. The Classic has premium features like keyless ignition and boasts chrome for days; Vintage takes it up a notch, featuring copious leather (saddlebags and fringe) and a quick-release windscreen; Chieftain models have remote-locking saddlebags, a power windshield, fork-mounted fairing and high tech goodies. $18,999
Nikon-Aculon-T01-Binoculars-Gear-Patrol Nikon Aculon T01 Binoculars
The new Aculon T01 line is made to travel — NFL games, Beyonce concerts, the Opera, whatever it is you do — but it could also be argued they’re made for seeing and to be seen. The five available colors upgrade these 8x and 10x optics to near accessory level, and the simple controls and comfort-focused size and shape of the body make them a cinch to use often and for long periods of time. $70
Chapfix-Gear-Patro Chapfix+
It’s hard being a guy. There are so many things out there that guys have to use but that women also use! Like lip balm. Admit it, guys, you know you do it. But… ugh. Lip balm is always shaped inconveniently. It bulges in your pocket and is tough to hold onto when you’re out doing manly things. Like running. So this flatter-shaped tube features grippy parts, and because it’s flattened, it won’t bulge or roll. Otherwise, it’s everything lips need, including SPF 15, and it’s nice and minty. But, like, man minty. $3
Hipstamatic-Oggl-Gear-Patrol Hipstamatic Oggl
Your pictures aren’t good enough to share with your friends and family and strangers on the bus. They look so well-developed and white-balanced and realistic. Well, now you Windows phone users can stop hanging your head in shame and join the rest of the overly saturated and/or washed out world of modern phone photography. With preloaded filters for different occasions — food, landscapes, what have you — the newest Hipstamatic also features all manner of “gear” for your camera to modify the images you shoot. The app is free, and a monthly subscription gives you gear access. Free
Swiss-Side-Franc-Wheelset-Gear-Patrol Swiss Side Franc Wheelset
This wheel set swimmingly (bikingly?) combines elegance and function. The alloy rounders are lightweight and minimalist, easy to use and beautiful to behold. They even come with a padded double wheel bag for transport; QR Skewers and extra spokes are included as well. $464