2015-Mercedes-Benz-GLA-CLass-Gear-Patrol 2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA-CLass
It’s a car! It’s a wagon! No — it’s… it’s… a small crossover. Meet the Mercedes-Benz Subaru, a CUV for the wood veneer set. It’s small, sort of sporty, sort of rugged and it sort of looks like a cross between the current Benz lineup (that face!) and pretty much every vehicle in the small CUV segment. The GLA250 4Matic, powered by a turbo 2-liter with 208-horespower and 258 pound-feet, will bow first followed shortly thereafter by a front-wheel drive version. And, since you’re wondering, as of now the AMG version is but a hope and prayer (*crosses fingers*). mbusa.com
Cadillac-Elmiraj-Concept-Gear-Patrol Cadillac Elmiraj Concept
No need to consult those car sketches you did when you were ten that are gathering dust in your childhood bedroom closet — this is, in fact, the exact car you were drawing over and over. That long, slick hood with functional vents hides a 4.5-liter twin-turbo V8 with somewhere around 500 horsepower; the 22-inch wheels hide ceramic brakes bigger than your mom’s Thanksgiving turkey platters; the interior is something out of a spaceship, with its sectioned from and rear buckets, clear gauges and titanium trim. The RWD concept harkens to the late 60s Eldorado and is a sign of things to come — design- and performance-wise — from Cadillac. You Wish
Malle-W-Trousseau-Kitchen-Set-Gear-Patrol Malle W. Trousseau Kitchen Set
Curated with the highest-quality, and aesthetically wondrous items from around the globe, this massive set was created when the designer’s daughter needed kitchenware in college. Among the exquisite tools that make up the kit are a Swedish Pot Stand, French dish towels, a German balloon whisk, a French frying pan and sauce pan, stainless steel “soap” and a leather blacksmith’s apron. Everything comes in recycled cardboard trays that fit inside a wooden frame. Because Ikea is for plebes. $5,800
Moke-International-Gear-Patrol Moke International
The original Moke was designed as a lightweight off-road vehicle for the British military, but because of the too-low ground clearance but it was never used in that arena (and presumably, because the thought of taking anything based on the original Mini anywhere with even small rocks sounds terrifying), instead seeing use as deck vehicles on board Royal Navy ships. Now after a 20-year hiatus the four-seater is coming back, probably to do a lot of beach-going duty, and there’s even an electric version slated for production. mokeinternational.com
GTA-Online-Gear-Patrol Grand Theft Auto Online
Free with every copy of the new GTAV, GTA online is a wide-open internet-based world in which to play. Solo missions, group games, races, firefights, multiplayer heists, you name it. The GTA world is ever being developed by Rockstar engineers to deliver rich content and an ever-expanding experience. The in-game designer lets players create their own races and action-packed shootouts, weapons and cars abound and the only goal is to make money. So pretty much exactly like everyday life. Free
Wild-Turkey-Forgiven-Gear-Patrol Wild Turkey Forgiven
Sometimes mistakes can be beneficial. Corn Flakes are a healthy cereal snack; Silly Putty can copy newspaper comics; your son is a tax deduction. Forgiven is so named because it too was an accident that turned out to be worth producing — a pardoned turkey, in American presidential parlance — and we bourbon drinkers are all the better for it. The stuff is a combo of rare, high-proof Rye that was mistakenly mixed with aged bourbon, which created a 91-proof oddball that whets the whistle like Penicillin drives away bacteria (that is, effectively and surprisingly). $50
Dr-No-Quad-Gear-Patrol Dr. No British Quad
Why, you ask? WHY? Because it’s the original one, guys. The first real Bond movie. The one that set the stage for decades of action, adventure, women, cars, clothes, guns, dreams — set the stage for decades of Bond! This original poster from our favorite spy’s home base (that’d be England, where MI6 is based, not Scotland, where Jimmy hails from) is the epitome of iconic. And you need it on your wall. You need it more than you need to pay your mortgage or send your child to college for a couple years. $24,999