Ignoble-Sternwood-Card-Wallet-Gear-Patrol Ignoble Sternwood Card Wallet
Problem: You’ve outgrown the old nylon and Velcro wallet you had as a kid but you miss it like the dickens. Solution: a nylon card wallet that zips closed, fashioned in a much more adult style. It’ll hold 30 cards, or 10 cards and a condom, or 20 cards and a stack of ones or all your best Magic: The Gathering cards. Problem: “But I want a day glo orange wallet like when I was six.” Solution: get a life, you weenie. This one’s only available in grayscale colorways. $25
Tivio-Roamio-Plus-DVR-Gear-Patrol TiVo Roamio
TiVo just got serious. The new all-in-one Roamio is wired to channel streaming services like Hulu, YouTube and Netflix (it’s the only DVR box with Netflix capability), and its six tuners mean you’ll never miss another show, unless you’re some sort of TV show hoarder (though if you are, the 3 terabytes of storage might come in handy). But the real news is that you’ll never ask “wherefore art thou, Roamio?” (we had to do it, okay?) because as long as you’re connected to wi-fi, you can watch anything on your Roamio from your mobile device. TiVo has upgraded the interface too, making the whole process more navigable, with the capability to search for shows by actor and TiVo Collections, which grants easy access to award-winning shows and movies in just a couple clicks. $200+
GQ-What-to-Wear-Now-Gear-Patrol GQ: What To Wear Now Special Edition
Everything about style, just in time for the fall (which is truly a man’s season, fashion-wise). Chock full of interviews, tips, hints, “buy this” suggestions and more, this single, separate issue will be on the shelves August 27th. So weed out your closet and get to the news stand, lest you be less than natty come the changing of the leaves. GQ.com
Incase-Sync-and-Charge-Cables-Gear-Patrol Incase Colored Sync & Charge Cables
Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but USB has taken over our lives. You can’t charge that smartphone without a USB cable of sorts, and when syncing via cable the ubiquitous connector is a requirement. In case you’re bored of blending in with all the white cord Joe Schmos, Incase has a full line of brightly colored options to suit all your needs, be they of the 30-pin, micro USB or Lightning variety. $10+
Wacom-Intuous-Stylus-Gear-Patrol Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus for iPad
The Intuos is just what we’ve been waiting for. This pressure-sensitive stylus is sensitive enough to reproduce the feeling of all manner of drawing tools and styles — brushes, markers, light strokes, heavier-handed strokes, etc. — when combined with apps that integrate Wacom’s tech. Available in black or blue/black brushed aluminum, the Intuos is purpose-built for the entire line of iPads, and is powered by a single AAAA battery. $99
Signma-lens-conversion-Gear-Patrol Sigma Lens Mount Conversion Service
So you bought a Sigma lens from one of the new lines (Contemporary, Art and Sports) but you want to use it on a different camera than originally planned. Too bad, right? Wrong! For a pretty gosh darn decent price Sigma will change the mount and other necessary components of that lens to match its new rig. In less than 4 weeks, worldwide. $80+