Discovered-Gear-Patrol J. Crew Discovered
J.Crew has made huge strides in recent years in the collaboration arena, and their curatorial abilities are top notch. Now there’s a separate online shop focused on both. A monthly revue of items promised to be unique and desirable as only the most discerning of shoppers can appreciate — each with its own unique history, design story and quality — Discovered debuts with the September issue of J.Crew’s style guide.
Yeti-Tank-Cooler-Gear-Patrol Yeti Tank Bucket
The folks at Yeti are seriously cool — as in, they don’t screw around when it comes to low temperatures. Permafrost insulation and No Sweat design sound awesome and get the job done. The Tank bucket is so named presumably because nothing can stand in the way as it blasts a path toward icy salvation: Yeti promises it’ll hold 60 longnecks, 20 gallons of all things cold, or 24 mullet & menhaden, if that’s your thing. $200
Swan-Retro-Fridge-Gear-Patrol Swan Retro Refrigerators
Ever want to step back in time so you could witness firsthand the classic, emotional and gorgeous aesthetics of the ’50s — but don’t want to be bothered with all the pesky gender role issues and blatant racism? If your answer is yes, then a brand new retro fridge might be right up your alley, sport! Available in decidedly retro colorways and fashioned with crisper lines, updated hardware and less crippling social discrimination, these fridge/freezer combos will perk up your kitchen space. $940+
Garmin-VRB-Gear-Patrol Garmin VIRB
It would be remiss to not point out Garmin’s direct assault on the GoPro market when introducing the VIRB. It would also be silly to leave out the fact that the VIRB is pretty awesome looking. Garmin’s new camera will survive water submersion for 30 minutes with no additional housing, records 1080p wide-angle video and 16MP still shots without interrupting video recording, features an always-on 1.4-inch color display, and will record 3 hours of full 1080p (45 minutes more than the GoPro’s 2.25-hour 720p stuff). The pricier Elite model features built-in wi-fi and GPS tracking. It’s available in September, but be poised for action once they launch — the NSA is probably drooling over these puppies. $299+ ()
Dirtball-Hoodie-Gear-Patrol Dirtball Pullover Hoodie
This hoodie is made in America from other people’s stuff. How so, you ask? It’s made of 50% recycled cotton and 50% recycled plastic water bottles, which is good, because two million bottles are used every 10 minutes in the U.S. And we, uh, use a lot of cotton too. It’s not doing much sitting in landfills, so you might as well wear some of it, right? $50