Spinning the big ring

Experiments in Speed

Videos : Viewfinder By Photo by Spindle Productions

Inspired by the land-speed record arms race on the Bonneville salt flats that paralleled the global arms race in the 1960s, Tom Donhou decided to build a bike with no objective other than going as fast as possible. The result, captured by Spindle Productions, is a purpose-built fixed-gear bike capable of breaking 100 miles per hour on flat ground.

Under normal circumstances, a cyclist isn’t able to get above about 45 MPH, even on the flats, because of the forbidding forces of aerodynamic drag. To get around annoying rules of fluid dynamics, Donhou rode mere inches from a modified Ford Zephyr as it screamed down a two-mile runway. Spindle’s film takes viewers from the beginnings of the project up to the full speed run with stunning visuals and a stirring soundtrack. And this certainly isn’t the last we’ve seen of this project: Donhou has hinted at plans to trail a Ford Capri up to even higher speeds.