CrazyCart-Gear-Patrol Razor Crazy Cart
Nowadays, we find it weird if we don’t have at least two dreams each night about riding shotgun in a car while Ken Block hoons around an epic obstacle circuit. We’re probably past prime “learn how to use a car in every way you were originally taught not to” age, but we firmly advocate starting the next generation young. The right tool for the job? This little street cart, which’ll go 12 MPH, rolls on 360-degree road-going casters and includes a “drift bar” for sliding around corners and powering donuts in your driveway. It’s battery powered and will go for 40 minutes straight, but with a max weight limit of 140 pounds, you’re about 10 burritos too chubby to ride. $400
Arnette-Change-Up-Gear-Patrol Arnette Change Up
It’s a twofer. For one price, you essentially get two pairs of rad sunglasses. Launching the Arnette Creative Exchange System (A.C.E.S.) is this pair of 8-base wrap shades, with a Grilamid frame and lightweight lenses. The sunglasses come with two pairs of temple pieces — one thick, the other thin — and a special tool to swap them out. [Insert Slim Shady joke here.] $90+
Picturelife-Gear-Patrol Picturelife
We live in an age of imagery. With digital and mobile photography, we are generating an unimaginable amount of selfies pictures and videos, and storing and organizing it all is tough. Picturelife installs on your computer, finds all your pics and automatically uploads them. The mobile apps automatically sync to your computer trove, and you can view everything in any browser — it’ll even automatically backup all your social media photos. Aperture and iPhoto album structure is retained. It’ll handle RAW images and it’s all SSL encrypted. Storage for 1,700 photos is free; you pay monthly for more. Free
Stumptown-x-Poler-Camp-Coffee-Kit-Gear-Patrol Stumptown x Poler Camp Coffee Kit
Camping is about getting away from it all. Email is easy to give up; your in laws are easier to give up; coffee is near impossible to give up. This collaboration generated a kit that comprises everything you’ll need to make freshly ground coffee at your campsite a reality, namely: two mugs, an Aeropress, a Porlex grinder, a bag o’ beans and a satchel to contain it all. Next to not being mauled by bears, the best part of waking up in the woods could very well be some hot Joe. $125
Mercedes-Benz-Aero-Trailer-Gear-Patrol Mercedes-Benz Aero Trailer
The downside here is that clever add-ons like these make the overall length of a semi trailer slightly too long to qualify for on-road legality. Regardless, the technology to increase cargo truck aerodynamics (18% less drag) and fuel efficiency (a 5% increase) exists, and is put to use here in a very attractive way. Most fetching about the design are the 40cm-long rear flaps, which surround the cargo door and are responsible for a 10% loss in wind drag.