Indoek-x-Wave-Wam-Tee-Pee-Gear-Patrol Indoek x Wave Wam Teepee
Bamboo and aluminum tent poles hold up the 10-ounce canvas skin of this traditional tent, and a canvas carry bag makes it a cinch to get to the beach. If you have concerns about size, fear not — it’ll hold a few adults comfortably. Leather ties and copper rivets complete the look. $295
Conquista-Cycling-Quarterly-Gear-Patrol Conquista Cycling Quarterly
To combat the criminally low number of very attractive, high-quality cycling rags in circulation, the fellas at Conquista have launched their own quarterly digital magazine. If you’re in to cycling, aesthetics and refined reads, drop by and have a gander — it sure looks grade A to us. Free
Prospekt-Supply-Windbreaker-Gear-Patrol Prospekt Supply Windbreaker
We can’t figure out why anyone would want a lot of attention when they break wind, but hey, it’s your world. You can break wind all day in this jacket, and people will definitely give you a look or two: it’s shiny, constructed of high-grade materials, and packs into its own front pouch. $250
Lifts-and-Bounds-Archival-Prints-Gear-Patrol Lifts & Bounds Archival Prints
You a big skier? Just want people to think you ski and like it? Big fan of design and art, are ya? Whatever combination of the preceding you may be, these prints should appeal to you. They’re mountain schematics from Jackson Hole, Mammoth Mountain, Vail, Whistler, and Breckenridge, and each looks damn good. And we know what we’re talking about, because we ski, and we like art. Did you know that? $110
Wheelmen-and-Co-Folding-Travel-Kit-Gear-Patrol Wheelmen & Co. Folding Travel Kit
Whether you properly, securely and stylishly hang it in the hotel or ominously, by candle- or fire-light, plunk it down and slowly unroll the whole thing like it’s full of torture devices, you’ll appreciate the oiled and waxed material, the big main pocket and the additional small orange-lined pockets — all designed to keep your things neat and dry. $99
Read-Wall-Made-To-Measure-Shirting-Gear-Patrol Read Wall Made-To-Measure Shirting
Take a quality haberdasher with the impetus to provide custom shirting and throw in a dash of DIY and you’ve got yourself some snazzy duds. Choose one of the Japanese and Italian fabrics, decide how to outfit your soon-to-be shirt (body style, pocket or no, collar and monogram), send your measurements and receive a bespoke shirt in four to six weeks. These are made in Jersey using single-needle construction; shipping — and returns — are free. $165+