TK-10-Trash-Krusher-Gear-Patrol Trash Krusher
A few basic truths: you cannot change the past; the sun will rise tomorrow; trash is icky. Instead of using your foot to mash down your garbage — or worse, your hand — this manual trash compactor, integrated into the lid of a waste bin, does the dirty work for you. Rinsing the compactor plate every now and then is as close to nausea as you’ll get. $160 ()
Infiniti-Q30-Concept-Gear-Patrol Infiniti Q30 COncept
Are you an Elvis impersonator looking to upgrade your ride? A Mary Kay saleswoman trying extra hard to get that ultimate reward? Perhaps you should consider a different route to pink car ownership: the Infiniti Q30 concept, just revealed in Hong Kong by its parent company ahead of the official Frankfurt Motor Show debut in September. Infiniti calls the far-from-subtle design a combination of a sporty coupe, roomy hatch and crouched-stance crossover, and hope the new look will draw in younger buyers. Just how young they’re aiming is unclear. (Because the concept is pink, is what we’re saying.)
12-Minute-Athlete-Gear-Patrol 12 Minute Athlete App
We like HIIT workouts around here — they’re quick, effective and energizing. If you lack discipline, however, it can be tough to follow a workout routine of any kind. 12 Minute Athlete allows you to select one of over 185 HIIT workouts, times you and provides video examples of each of the over 35 exercises. If you want results, this is a great place to start. $2.99 ()
SodaStream-Source-Bottle-By-Yves-Behar-Gear-Patrol SodaStream Source By Yves Behar
If you like DIY bubbly drinks but can’t stand unattractive design, the original Soda Stream may have given you pause. It was utilitarian, sure, but, aesthetically speaking, left something to be desired. A while back Yves Behar lent his magic touch to the bottles, giving them a sexy teardrop-esque shape, which made design snobs do a double take. Now that bottle comes standard with each Soda Stream. Now there’s no excuse to buy (not steal) your favorite fizzer. $100 ()
LUMOBack-Posture-Monitor-Gear-Patrol LUMOBack Posture Monitor
You know what you’re doing right now? You’re slouching. Sit up straight. Straighter. We know your’e doing it because we do it too. We all do it. Computers have hunched us. This wearable posture monitor buzzes when you’re anything less than erect and keeps track of how far you’ve walked and how many times you’ve stood up each day. A smartphone app keeps you notified of the numbers, hopefully training you to sit a bit healthier. $150 ()
Jack-Spade-Bridle-Leather-Bags-Gear-Patrol Jack Spade Bridle Leather Bags
Leave it to Jack Spade [picture not available] to introduce desirable EDC bags for gents. These rich, dark brown bridle leather bags are limited edition, so jump on them while they last. The Tote features a cavernous space inside with a few accessory pouches; the File Case has an inner divider with zippered pocket and removable shoulder strap. $695+ ()