Fuloon-Inflatable-Backseat-Car-Mattress-Gear-Patrol Fuloon Inflatable Backseat Car Mattress
Calling all stand-up comics freshly moved to LA in the hopes of seeing their name up in lights: don’t let the prospect of living out of your car for months on end dissuade you. “What’s the deal with airline peanuts this backseat mattress,” you ask? It’s an inflatable affair about pool-float thick boasting a bolster that fits down in the footwell of your rear seat, transforming your passenger space into a vista fit for slumber. $139 ()
New-Trent-Airbender-Gear-Patrol New Trent Airbender
You know the type: he hikes, he camps, he wades through rivers, he scales mountains. A real outdoorsman who likes to get away from it all, be one with nature, loves his iPad mini. Uses his iPad mini on cliffs and when he’s bathing in streams and when he’s digging up edible mushrooms. Good thing he’s got a water-resistant, dirt- and shock-proof, dual-layered-for-extra-protection hard case for his iPad mini. Good thing it’s got a wireless keyboard and a screen protector and its power and audio jacks are covered, too. $40
Poler-Rolltop-Bags-Gear-Patrol Poler Rolltop Bags
We don’t need no steenkin’ zeepers. Okay, except for the front zeeper zipper pocket on this 22-liter rolltop day bag. The Campdura fabric is rugged enough to withstand serious abuse, and so are the seatbelt-style nylon straps; there’s even a padded laptop sleeve to keep your Netflix machine clean and pristine. $70
Four-Roses-125-Anniversary-Bourbon-Gear-Patrol Four Roses 125th Anniversary Bourbon
Four Roses, three bourbons, 125 years. To celebrate their 125th, Four Roses combined three barrel-strength bourbon recipes to make one hell of a birthday treat. Only 8,000 bottles are being produced, so get a move on to get your drink on. $85 ()
Canon-Powershot-G16-Gear-Patrol Canon Powershot G16
Cliché: big things come in small packages. Case in point: Canon’s latest Powershot. New bits include built-in wi-fi, continuous shooting at 9.3 f/s and a highly tuned autofocus. The 12.1MP rig sports a 28-140mm lens, records audio in stereo and shoots 1080p video. Pretty much everyone is excited about this little shooter. $550
The-Hot-Sauce-Cookbook-Gear-Patrol The Hot Sauce Cookbook
Rob Walsh crammed 60 recipes for hot sauces and salsa into his cookbook, which is, coincidentally, hot off the presses. There are also 50 additional spicy food recipes to boot. Get this one while it’s hot, grab a glass of milk and get to cooking. $14 ()