The-Tie-Bar-Shoelaces-Gear-Patrol The Tie Bar Shoelaces
Ever the bastion of affordable style and flair — from tie-it-yourself bow ties to pocket squares to, well, tie bars — The Tie Bar has introduced some colorful accessories to tie onto something a little lower. These waxed cotton laces come in 25 colors and are cheap enough to make customizing your shoes for every outfit a real possibility. There are even curated collections of five different colors should you want to shop a certain look. $3+
Volvo-Concept-Coupe-Gear-Patrol Volvo Concept Coupé
Volvo’s soon-to-be unveiled two seater is a sign of things to come. Touted as a modern interpretation of the classic P1800, the Volvo Concept Coupe is sleeker than any current Volvo; a 2.0-liter engine powers the front wheels and the electric motor for the rear wheels for a whopping total of 400 hp and 443 lb-ft of torque. Safe sex(y) never looked so good.
Chubbies-Hawaiian-Shorts-Gear-Patrol Chubbies Hawaiian Shorts
Chubbies, perhaps the only shorts-maker on the market aimed at showing off the majority of a man’s thigh, has come out with some high-hemmed trousers in fleshy flashy floral prints. They’ll compliment your Hawaiian shirt collection perfectly (why do you have a Hawaiian shirt collection?), but do consider onlookers when donning these Donald Dukes and ensure your quads are toned and tanned. $60
ICON-Brammo-Spec-32-Gear-Patrol ICON Brammo Spec 32
The first production bike to receive the ICON treatment, this limited edition Brammo Empulse R gets custom livery and some extra go-fast bits. Brandishing Eric Bostrom’s number 32 and signature graphics, the ICON Brammo celebrates the team’s participation in the TTGXP. A top speed of 105 MPH, a range of 121 miles and matching Bostrom Armada bucket can all be yours for a cool grand over the standard. Hustle up, as only 32 of these brutes will be made available to eco-racers looking to stand out.
Code-Keyboard-Gear-Patrol Code Keyboard
Mechanical keyboards still provide one of the most comfortable and familiar typing experiences out there, but most of them are pretty chintzy, and they’re all far too loud. Code Keyboards provide the “old school” look with a decidedly modern aesthetic, including an updated tactile and aural situation. Cherry MX Clear mechanical keyswitches cut down on the noise and provide excellent physical feedback, and the thing’s wired so that keyboard commands of up to nine characters can be programmed. White LED backlights, Helvetica typeface on the keys, and far too many customizable features to list here are offered, so check it out for yourself, nerd. $150
Nike-Color-Drench-NFL-Jerseys-Gear-Patrol Nike Color Drench NFL Jerseys
Nike’s new limited-edition NFL jerseys are minimalist interpretations of the Starter jerseys your brother-in-law loves to wear at family dinners. And to work. And to church, and to your wedding. The monochromatic designs are a bold interpretation of each team’s colors, and you can fetch the whole lineup exclusively at Champs Sports. $135 ()