q-camera-gear-patrol The Q Camera
There is no trendier camera than the Q. That’s not to say it’s the latest trend, but rather that it embodies everything a modern, casual shooter could ever want. Available in a wide array of colors, the Q is waterproof and automatically uploads every shot to the cloud via built in 3G, then users can add filters and share to social media via the online interface. An f2.4 wide-angle lens and LED ring flash capture sharp pictures with the right amount of light.$199
POC-OCTAL-AVIP-Helmet-gear-patrol POC OCTAL AVIP Helmet
Using technology currently found in ski equipment, POC has introduced their next-generation road-going equipment line, including this helmet. Well ventilated and lightweight, this design is also aerodynamic and rather striking visually. They say their goal is efficiency without sacrificing safety. The only downside: that kind of engineering means this helmet isn’t available until this coming Spring. pocsports.com
Foursum-Golf-App-gear-patrol Foursum Golf App
Since it’s Labor Day and you’re sitting on your ass reading a website, we can assume either it’s pouring rain or that you’re not a golfer. But that doesn’t mean you’re not interested in golf stuff, right?. This app allows you to analyze your game, track your scores and rub your numbers in your golf buddies’ faces via a social component. Your phone acts as a GPS range finder and caddy, and in-app achievements and rewards keep you motivated and on track to improve your game. Free
Left-Field-Fitted-Caps-gear-patrol Left Field Fitted Caps
These ballcaps will take you right back to the ol’ ball game. Get the heritage look with these two wool caps with horsehair crowns, satin tape seams, cotton sweatband and felt Left Field logos. Snatch one or both up and all you’ll have left to do is find a gang of surly ladies like Madonna and Rosie O’Donnell, convince Tom Hanks to coach you and you’ll be in a (style) league of your own. $50
Logitech-Ultrathin-Touch-Mouse-gear-patrol Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse
Remind of you anything? You may be a die hard Apple fanboy, or just so snobby that you’ll never switch brands, but considering the looks and function of this little guy, we’d have to fault you a bit for being stubborn. Brushed metal rings the smooth multitouch surface and Bluetooth pairing means you can use it with any of your Macs with just a quick toggle. Best yet, the mouse recharges via USB and one minute of plugging in results in an extra hour of run time. $70