Books on tape and Corn Nuts required

Shipwreck Rally: New York to Tierra del Fuego

A roadtrip of monumental proportions.

If you happen to be fan of long road trips, used cars and unpredictability, and you also have copious amounts of unused vacation time, the Shipwreck Rally is calling your name (and possibly that of your healthcare insurer). Starting November 1st in NYC and finishing in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego Province, Argentina, the rally is essentially one seriously crazy adventure that tests man, machine and mechanical skill on a pretty level playing field. The goal of the rally is to create a truly unique roadgoing experience where no support teams or crazy vehicular mods can give any one team an unfair advantage over the everyman. And it’s not just for bragging rights — each team must raise at least $1,000 to be donated to Save The Children and the Rainforest Foundation US.

Entry is limited to 2003 or newer cars that have only 2-wheel-drive and an engine displacement of less than 2.0 liters. Motorcycles must be 2003 or newer and have a 250cc engine or smaller. You’ll pilot your machine over 10k miles, and there’s no set route to get there, so expect almost a two-month drive and lots of cursing. Oh yeah, and there’s no prize (*cough*), only the proud achievement that you survived the distance, the sometimes-treacherous routes and your co-pilot’s irritable bowel syndrome.