Your master bathroom is your sanctuary. It’s where you prepare to present yourself to the world outside. It’s where, somewhere between the toilet and the shower, you will have your most profound thoughts of the day. A space that important deserves more than dust bunnies and the ghosts of your birthday-suited karaoke. Stop underestimating its role and give your bathroom some cojones. Here are a range of amenities — some indispensable, some indulgent — that are all worthy of consideration, especially if you’re the pampering type.

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Braun CoolTec Shaver


Braun’s newly released CoolTec shavers are like nothing else on the market thanks to an electro ceramic cooling element that automatically cools skin while you shave, minimizing irritation. If that wasn’t reason enough to make it a permanent fixture in your bathroom, an advanced charging station that also hygienically cleans and lubricates at the touch of a button should seal the deal.

Mr. Steam Heated Towel Racks


Any red-blooded man knows that the only way to sleep is with the air conditioning set to frigid. This poses a problem when one is greeted by an arctic chill upon exiting the shower. This rack will ensure that your towels provide the warm welcome you’ll be craving. Add on Mr. Steam’s companion timer light switch that controls when the rack heats up to save on energy costs for good measure. Your A/C habit is bad enough right?

Derek Rose Luxury Bathrobes


Luxury bathrobe might seem like something of an oxymoron — that is, until you consider that a powerful man gets dressed for no one. These lush robes from Derek Rose are perfect for calling the shots from home, or at least pretending you are.

Dyson Airblade Tap Hand Dryer


Hand towels fill up your laundry baskets, and keeping paper towels around isn’t the classiest of solutions for you or mother nature. Luckily, the geniuses at Dyson figured out how to use “laser cutting techniques to manipulate marine grade steel” to create a faucet that can wash and then dry your hands in the sink in less than 14 seconds.

Ralph Lauren Palmer Towels


But there are some parts that the airblade can’t reach (we tried). Ralph Lauren’s Palmer towels are cut from plush cotton terry made in Turkey and sold in tasteful white with black, blue or brown striped color options. They can also easily be custom-embroidered with your name or initials in a selection of different fonts. It’s a classy touch, and a bonus insurance policy should your jealous guests think of packing one home.

Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale


Scales are always a useful bathroom addition for keeping your vices in check or simply staying motivated. The Fitbit Aria takes things to the next level by tracking the weight, body fat percentage and BMI of up to a total of eight people. More importantly, it syncs your weigh-ins via wireless with Fitbit’s online and mobile fitness tools. In other words, say goodbye to excuses, soon-to-be-not-tubby.

Kohler Moxie Showerhead and Wireless Speaker


You know enough Taylor Swift songs by heart to manage on your own, but lest you forget the lyrics, this Bluetooth speaker and showerhead combo should come in handy. Specifically, the speaker syncs with any Bluetooth-compatible device and uses a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery capable of up to seven hours of continuous playback. Just don’t blow it all in one session.

Niels Hvass Cutter Stool


Having a place to sit in the bathroom other than on the throne is a luxury few get to experience. Danish Designer Niels Hvass originally designed the teak cutter collection for outdoor and patio settings, but it didn’t take long to migrate to bathrooms (smart people, the Danes). It’s small enough to fit even in modest spaces, including the shower, and features mortise-and-tenon joints for extra durability. It should develop a distinct silvery patina over time all on its own — or if you treat it with teak oil regularly it’ll keep looking like new.

Toto Neorest 600 Toilet


We could waste hours covering every feature found on this elite commode, but we know you just want the SportsCenter highlights: a heated seat that automatically lifts and closes, automatic flushing and a built-in air purifying system. The Neorest 600 also automatically cleans its bowl with every flush and can keep you equally tidy thanks to an integrated bidet, complete with temperature-regulated water, a self-cleaning nozzle and a warm air dryer. It’s got everything and the kitchen sink… sort of.

Vipp Bathroom Accessories


Trash cans, toothbrush holders, soap dishes and toilet brushes are typically things that should remain hidden in bathrooms — that is, unless you shell out for Vipp’s design-friendly line of bathroom accessories. These Danish beauties are built to look good and last and are made from heavy-duty rubber and stainless steel. They’re also available in a wide array of colors to match your decor whims.