Audi-Sport-Quattro-Concept-gear-patrol Audi Sport Quattro Concept
It’s been 30 years since Audi introduced the Sport Quattro homologation special to qualify for Group B rallying, and the world has been missing the hell out of it. A plug-in hybrid system combines with a twin turbo V8 to churn out a shocking 700 horsepower — over twice that of the original. Though it also weighs over two tons (more than twice the original), it’ll remain blazing fast and is said to average nearly 100 MPG. Expect a full reveal at the Frankfurt Auto Show next week.
Jetsurf-Gear-Patrol Jetsurf
Launching over huge waves as they crest and break and rocketing to shore purely on the power of natural physics is a glorious sport. But add an engine to the board and suddenly you’re rocketing over surf, catching air with ease and experiencing gnarly thrust. Three versions of the Jetsurf are available — from standard to race-ready — made of high-tech materials, controlled via a handheld unit, and all made for wild fun. A real engine, a real battery, 30+ MPH: an envy magnet.
Parkers-Heritage-Collection-Promise-of-Hope-Bourbon-Gear-Patrol Parker’s Heritage Collection “Promise of Hope” Bourbon
The most important thing about Heaven Hill’s bourbon: 20 bucks of each sale goes toward the ALS Association, which endeavors to research and fight the disease — for a projected total donation of a quarter of a million dollars. Also important: the tipple is ten years old, 96 proof, non-chill filtered and bottled from 100 hand-selected barrels in the Heaven Hills inventory. Do good, drink good. $90
Qualcomm-Toq-Smart-Watch-Gear-Patrol Qualcomm Toq Smart Watch
The latest answer to Dick Tracy’s prayers, Qualcomm’s wristgear connects to Android phones to provide users access to many of their favorite apps without having to dig for their phone. The battery, which will last up to five days and builds a charge via a wireless dock, is located in the strap clasp to reduce thickness; the watch’s mirasol display (like e-ink but with bright colors and video capability) helps extend battery life. $300
Sony-Cyber-Shot-Lens-Style-Cameras-Gear-Patrol Sony Cyber-Shot Lens-Style Cameras
The next step in camera phones: take a phone, take a camera and literally snap them together. Sony’s lens cameras are everything you want in a shooter without the actual shooter part — pair them with your smartphone to complete the machine, using your phone’s large screen to do most of the work via the PlayMemories app. (The lens cameras can be used independently, but you’ll have little control over any settings.) The QX10 is a high-zoom, 18.2MP affair for beginners; the QX100 uses the sensor and lens from from Sony’s RX100 MK II, but lacks a complete manual mode. $249-$499