The inexorable march of time has confronted us at some point or another in our lifetime. Most of us adapt, bending and conforming to change, but it takes a certain something to stand still or even wade against the current.

The Magnetist by Filibuster Productions dives into the anachronistic and oftentimes solitary life of Micke, a man who manages to incorporate the digital cassette into every aspect of his day-to-day life. Record fans — who are also seeing an increase in numbers these days — will often cite the analog “warmth”, tactility, or the occasion of putting on a record, but what do cassettes offer? They’re digital media, no different than an mp3; they don’t offer the same sense of importance that a big 12-inch record does; and they’re less convenient than an mp3 or CD. This film serves as a response to those and other questions. Throughout, there’s a constant and incredibly interesting sense that those who stand against the torrent of progress can oftentimes stand alone.