Sony-Video-Unlimited-4K-Download-Service-Gear-Patrol Sony Video Unlimited 4K Download Service
If you’ve already got Sony’s 4K Ultra HD Media Player it’s time to start downloading some big guns. The new service went live over the weekend and allows users to download 4K television shows and movies. There are currently 70 films available for rent or purchase, with many more on the way. No subscriptions, no extra fees — and SD, HD and 3D flicks are available, too. $4+
hodinkee-drakes-of-london-tie Drake’s of London for HODINKEE
Coming off the success of last year’s collection, HODINKEE and Drake’s of London — a British pillar of neckwear — have released their latest limited collection of ties. This year’s tie, woven of silk yarn, is inspired by a beloved dive watch and the results work handsomely. $155. Oh, and a pocket square to boot $72.
Ray-Ban-Folding-Clubmaster-Gear-Patrol Ray Ban Folding Clubmaster
How can we call Ray Bans classic? Let us count the ways. Wait — first let’s unfold our kickass shades. What’s that? Oh, yes. Unfold. These vintage-inspired sunglasses hinge in six places to conveniently store in our shirt pocket and offer killer UV protection (and protection from the fashion police) to boot. $230+
Sony-Xperia-Z1-Waterproof-Camera-Gear-Patrol Sony Xperia Z1 Waterproof Camera
Never again will you need to keep a jar of rice at the ready, nor will those QTips be swabbing any audio jacks anytime soon. The new Xperia is waterproofed to withstand splashes, but the major upgrade here — over the Xperia Z, we mean — is the 21MP camera on its back. Now you can snap away even in a rain shower… or the shower, as it’ll survive 30 minutes of complete submersion.
Nike-Tech-Pack-Fleece-Collection-Gear-Patrol Nike Tech Pack Fleece Collection
This very lightweight line of fleece performance wear combines familiar jersey material with a synthetic layer that packs in heat without adding on bulk. Decidedly cool silhouettes include classic crew neck sweatshirts, full zip hoodies, full zip jackets and sweatpants.
Samsung-Galaxy-Gear-Gear-Patrol Samsung Galaxy Gear
Like all other smart watches, the Gear pairs via Bluetooth with a smartphone — in this case a Samsung Galaxy — to control phone features and apps (around 70 upon release) right from the wearer’s wrist. Samsung has upped the game, though, by including the ability to take short 720p videos and adding a 1.9MP camera and 4GB of local storage. The display is a 1.63-inch AMOLED, and the wristband can be had in multiple colorways. $299 ()
Inhibitif-Gear-Patrol Inhibitif
Men, let’s talk. As we age, many of us — unless our genes miraculously bestow upon us a scalp rich and fertile — must eventually give in to the fact that hair that grew atop our heads in the glory days of our youth eventually migrates down our necks and beyond. It seems hair starts to spring up everywhere but the places we want it. This is not a depilatory; instead, this product thins unwanted hair enough that it becomes virtually invisible with continued use. Manscape in private, but do it the easy way (and save on shaving cream, fuzzball).