Aerial Fashion by Joseph Ford It’s fashion week here in New York. All the elbow-rubbing and preening aside, a stunning mashup (photo above) has surfaced in the form of aerial photography and fashion by Joseph Ford.
No Ordinary Passenger In this op-doc, Cabell Hopkins tells the story of Stan Dibben, a daredevil of a bygone era and the winner of the 1953 World Sidecar Championship. Men were braver back then. Speaking of sidecars
Father and Son… and Denali Under the Midnight Sun is the story of world-renowned climber Conrad Anker and his stepson, National Geographic Young Explorer Max Lowe, who climb, at altitude, Denali’s West Buttress. The challenge is incredible, but even more so is the generation’s worth of knowledge that Anker passes down.
Style Icon: James Hunt In anticipation of Ron Howard’s movie, Rush, Mansel Fletcher pays tribute to the iconic James Hunt, the racer who won and dressed on his own terms.
Whiskey, an Interactive Guide As the warmer weather passes, it’s time to set down the rosés and ales and turn to whiskeys and porters. For the former, Primer has an
interactive guide.
Salinger and the Architecture of Personal Mythology With all the hullabaloo about recently released posthumous titles from J.D. Salinger, here’s a poignant look at the work of David Shields (screenwriter) and director Shane Salerno, who investigate the man behind the books in Salinger.
Desert Islands For better or for worse, we live in an age where getting shipwrecked and stranded is nigh impossible. Unless you do it on purpose, like Dave Glasheen did.
John Cusack Goes to Hacker-Land Grosse Point Blank, High Fidelity, Pushing Tin. All excellent movies. All anchored by Mr John Cusack. But what has Cusack been up to lately? BoingBoing has the story.
Ups & Downs of Buying a Vintage Watch An insightful examination of the ups and downs associated with buying a vintage watch as told by Ben Clymer of Hodinkee, who was on his own quest for a vintage Longines chronograph.
The Man Behind the Aventador The Aventador is quite the car. We should know — we drove one. But who is the man behind the design? Cool Hunting’s Josh Rubin sits down for a chat with Filippo Perini, Lambo’s head of design, to discuss dreams and what it’s like to work for Lamborghini.
Plaid Shirts, a Guide This fall, avoid the pitfalls of plaid by consulting this handy guide. Tip: a wool tie helps.
Black Death & Minimum Wage It doesn’t take an economist to explain why making minimum wage sucks. But in the litany of lawsuits besieging mass brands, it’s worth taking a look at the roots of minimum wage, which date all the way back to the Bubonic Plague.