Speciale Edition

Breakdown: Ferrari 458 Speciale

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Though we lament the (hopefully temporary) disappearance of the “Scuderia” name from Ferrari’s newest street-legal sports car, the Ferrari Speciale doesn’t disappoint. Sure, it doesn’t quite match up with the race-only 458 Challenge, but the Speciale is wholly capable in its own right, boasting improved aerodynamics, increased power and decreased weight for blistering acceleration and unparalleled handling. If the standard 458 Italia is a bit on the ho-hum side for you, then this is your Ferrari of choice (until the LaFerrari makes its way into your garage, of course). The Speciale will be unveiled to hungry eyes and cameras at the Frankfurt Auto Show this week. Pricing has not been announced, but expect it to be well north of the 458’s $233,509. The breakdown above has all the impressive Italian details.