Bluer-Denim-Gear-Patrol Bluer Denim
Bluer Denim jeans aim to do good, aesthetically and altruistically. The four styles of jeans are all USA-made, and though high-quality, the legwear is priced just right — made possible by a direct-to-consumer sales strategy. Buyers can pick three styles to try on at home and only pay for what the pairs they keep. For five bucks off a future purchase, send in a lightly used pair of jeans and Bluer will refurbish and clean your former legwear and donate it to a person in need.
El-Gringo-Surfboard-Rack-Gear-Patrol El Gringo Surfboard Rack
Your favorite board doesn’t have to stop hanging ten when it leaves the waves behind. Consult, makers of the rad Make Bike Rack, have introduced their latest design project, the gnarly El Gringo. Choose black or stainless steel, and you’ll have an ultra-stylish wall mount with an extra hook for a towel or leash. Your board is protected by cork padding, and a walnut inlay adds to the good looks. $125+
Sunrun-Home-Solar-X-Nest-Gear-Patrol Sunrun Home Solar X Nest
Word has it there’s an ultramassive ball of fire out in space fusing 620 million metric tons of hydrogen each second that in turn bombards our planet with solar radiation. As things stand these days, if you can harness that energy you can make electricity for free; you simply have to control it. Sunrun makes the first part easy — their service installs and maintains solar arrays for home energy use. Now they’ve partnered with Nest so consumers can control the sun. For a limited time get free energy with your purchase and save money on energy costs until the sun refuses to shine.
Zombie-Blitz-1940-Gear-Patrol Zombie Blitz 1940
We’ve seen these guys before, but this experience isn’t a zombie-killing free for all. Instead, this journey is set in the early days of World War II, and you’ll navigate the tunnels underneath London’s Waterloo Station, witness mad scientists reanimating corpses and try to escape with your life. $102
Vaughan-Stealth-Hammer-Gear-Patrol Vaughan Stealth Face Rip Hammer
Something about “the largest striking face on the planet” is incredibly magnetic. Could it be the slight hyperbolic tinge? The appeal of a gargantuan tool designed only to destroy? It also could be the actual magnetic nail starter on the ginormous 17-ounce head or the fact that this is a home-grown, made-in-America beast of a tool that every man should keep in his toolbox (or mounted over his fireplace). $24
HP-ENVY-Recline-All-in-One-PC-Gear-Patrol HP ENVY Recline
Choose a 23- or 27-inch screen for your reclining pleasure. The touchscreen setup swings into multiple positions for an upright display or slightly inclined tablet for ease of use. The screen tech will register 10 different touches at once (that’s all your fingers, btw) and features Intel processors and near-field communication for simple file sharing. Beats Edition computers feature special colorways and Beats audio systems $1,100+