Therm-O-Bottle-Gear-Patrol Aquaovo Therm-O Bottle
Beautiful, environmentally friendly, hot and cold: just like Leo DiCaprio when he refuses to return our texts. This chic bottle’s double-walled, FDA-approved glass works toward optimal insulation and zero condensation; the natural bamboo lid is a looker if ever we did see one; and the stainless steel tea strainer snaps in and out for ease of steeping. $29
Oyster-Books-Gear-Patrol Oyster Books App
Even in this digital world, it seems owning a humongous library full of books is a solid status symbol of the highest order. Since we can’t all install 20-foot-high mahogany shelving and those rolling ladders in our dens, a massive virtual library might just be the way to go. Oyster allows iPhone and iPod Touch users to download as many books as they desire for a low monthly fee. If you’re the type to devour title after title and the idea of only seeing four sentences at a time doesn’t dissuade you, have at it. $10 per month
Jaguar-C-X17-Concept-SUV-Gear-Patrol Jaguar C-X17 Concept
Ian Callum, designer of Jaguar vehicles (read: pretty damn pretty cars) helped the Coventry carmaker bring this four-seat concept to life. It’s a crossover and not a true SUV, but who really cares? Look at the thing. Reported to be powered by the high-performance V6 from Jag’s new F-Type, this concept, which will probably be called XQ, is a sign of things to come from Jaguar — expect more lightweight aluminum and sportier dynamics. ()
3M-H-700-Gear-Patrol 3M Hard Hats
Your girlfriend’s dad was only being metaphorical when he shouted that you had a thick skull, so if you plan on visiting construction sites, it’s best that you still wear protection on your head. These hard hats from 3M feature a redesigned ratchet-adjustable suspension system, air vents and a sweat-stopping absorbent forehead pad. A UV sensor tells wearers when to replace their headgear due to exposure to sunlight, which degrades the integrity of the hard hat material.
Playstation-Vita-TV-Gear-Patrol Playstation Vita TV
Sony’s Playstation Vita has made impressive tracks as probably the best handheld gaming system available today. Now, Vita TV, a small, screen-less console version of the Vita, gives TV users the ability to upscale their games to an HD television while accessing Hulu and other streaming video services. USB 2.0, Bluetooth, wi-fi, 1GB of storage and an ethernet are crammed into this small unit, and when it finally comes to the USA, a bundled version will include an 8GB memory card and DualShock 3 controller. $100+
Wacom-Intuos-Tablets-Gear-Patrol Wacom Intuos Tablets
If you need a stylus-operated multitouch tablet, look no further. This Wacom unit is available in two sizes and has it all: svelte looks, optimal performance from the pressure-sensitive stylus, multitouch gesture capability, wireless/USB corded docking and universal compatibility — and it’s ergonomic for right- and left-handers. $99