Bonobos-French-Corders-Gear-Patrol Bonobos French Corders
Your dad knew how to rock corduroy back in his day, but sadly, the leisure suit has gone the way of the dodo Fu Manchu ‘stache. Corduroy, on the other hand, is here to stay. Bonobos would like to wrap your legs in the decidedly awesome fabric (imported from France), now in both slim straight and straight leg cuts. The 11 garment-dyed colors are pure autumn, and a trim, 5-pocket jeans-like fit with a signature Bonobos curved waistband can’t be beat. $125
iPhone-5C-Gear-Patrol Apple iPhone 5c
With its most wallet friendly iPhone release to date, Apple’s essentially reupholstered the proven iPhone 5 in a seamless and retina-searing plastic shell. The fast A6 processor, 4-inch retina screen and 8MP camera are joined by the new — and very good — iOS 7 to create a budget phone that doesn’t feel cheap. Preorders start September 13th. $99+
iPhone-5S-Gear-Patrol Apple iPhone 5s
Apple’s new flagship 5s improves on its predecessor inside and out. The sleek black colorway has been dropped in favor of “Space Grey” and “Champagne” options; a new TouchID home button uses fingerprint scanning in lieu of traditional passwords. A much-improved 64-bit A7 processor is up to twice as fast as the iPhone 5 and 5c and pairs with a smaller, battery-saving M7 motion processor. The camera’s gotten a bump through a larger sensor, better flash, stronger video quality and a wider range of software options. iOS7 tops it all off. Now pine for it until September 20th. $199+
Ricoh-Theta-Gear-Patrol Ricoh Theta 360° Camera
At once a bold philosophy and a killer song (dat inro), “I Want It All” isn’t always a fulfillable demand — part of why Ricoh’s trick new camera is so impressive. The two 5MP cameras with convex lenses — one on either side of the slim camera’s bar-for-a-body — each capture 180° of imagery and splice it all together as a single 360° panorama so you can have all of your surroundings in a single shot. Hold it over your head or use the iPhone app (Android coming soon) to trigger a shot remotely. The camera, with its 4GB of internal storage, is sans viewfinder, so you’ll have to use the app or the online gallery to view your art. $399
Pizzeria-Pronto-Pizza-Oven-Gear-Patrol Pizzeria Pronto Oven
If you come to the campsite with pizza dough, sauce, cheese and toppings prepped, it’s conceivable that you could have a crisp and finished pie in 15 minutes. This portable, propane-powered outdoor oven heats in ten minutes and cooks a pizza in as little as five, using its two pizza stones, an efficient heat shield and a moisture vent. $300
Nice-Laundry-Gear-Patrol Nice Laundry Curated Sock Drawer
Socks can be a real pain in the ass: pairs get separated, heels get holes, you never know which patterns to buy. Nice Laundry gives men a chance to effortlessly show some foot flair. Pick one six-pair pack (or opt for the 18-pair sock drawer overhaul for a cool 99 bucks), and your new footwear is sent to your door free of charge. Get rid of your old socks using the included prepaid shipping label and container that comes with your order, and Nice Laundry will recycle and re-purpose your former toe mittens, too. $39+
Todd's-Concotions-Gear-Patrol Todd’s Concoctions
Firebox calls the Todd behind this supposedly eponymous line of sauces a “hillbilly culinary genius”, and we can’t think of much else to describe him. With flavors ranging from Cola Leather BBQ to Marshmallow Smoke Ketchup to Squid Ink Cayenne Hot Sauce, it’s clear whoever stirred these up has a different outlook on life. Still, they sound awesomesauce; expand your dietary horizons and give ’em a go. $14
Parabellum-Sunglass-Case-Gear-Patrol Parabellum Bison Leather Sunglass Case
Who knew bison and lamb would go together so seamlessly? Okay, it’s not actually a seamless pairing in this case because they’re literally sewn together, but please forgive us the verbal misstep, as we’re distracted by how fetching these little billfolds are. The vegetable tanned lambskin lining holds all your cash money, and the bison leather outer, in bright and muted colorways, makes it a stylish pickpocket’s dream. $250