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Double Click: 10 Best Road Bike Shoes

Buying Guides By Photo by Eric Yang

If you’re riding a bike for exercise or hobby, chances are you’re clipping in; if you’re clipping in, you’ve experienced the pleasure of an efficient ride with optimal power transfer. Though we have three contact points with the bike — pedals, saddle, bars — the connection to the pedals via the shoes is the only one that’s mechanical. (Unless you’ve got mutant capabilities, not much power is being transferred through the butt into the bike.) It’s therefore essential that the shoe fits properly.

There’s no single good choice — there are a lot of them, at different budgets, with different materials and closures. In general, more expensive shoes are lighter, stiffer and offer a more feature-rich fitting system. We’ve picked out 10 road bike shoes that cover the spectrum, letting you become one with the bike. Namaste.

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