Vastrm-polo-gear-patrol VASTRM Custom Polo Shirts
As a modern shirt archetype the Polo has served us men well, but in terms of fit it can often be too tight, too loose, or too short. VASTRM’s got it all figured out: they send you a generic fit shirt, and then, based on your feedback (take the waist in, longer sleeves, etc.) and choice of style and color, manufacture a custom polo just for you. Of course, you can make things easy and send them measurements right off the bat if you have them handy. Since one of VASTRM’s major benefactors is Mr. Will Smith, rest assured that a custom polo is better than an off-the-rack shirt. $115+
EDCPen-Gear-Patrol EDCpen
Some of us have resigned ourselves to stereotypical dorkdom and resort to clipping pens into our front shirt pockets. After all, pens come in handy far more often than we expect; problem is, they don’t fit many places in the average dude’s wardrobe, and those BICs aren’t winning any style points. This half-inch wide machined EDC writing utensil, on the other hand, is milled from aluminum, stainless steel or brass and utilizes ink cartridges from the famous Fisher Space Pen. No moving parts mean nothing breaks, and it fits easily into any pocket. $25
Coast-Gear-Patrol Opera Coast iPad Web Browser App
Possibly heralding the future of the browser, Opera’s Coast is tailored specifically for iPad surfin’. Rather than an address bar, navigation buttons, bookmarks or tabs, Coast organizes webpages in a tile UI of standalone “apps”. The interface is like that of an iPad, with small icons for each page that can be rearranged or deleted. Free ()
billy-kirk-gear-patrol BillyKirk Blackout Collection
Blackouts, while not very convenient, are sort of romantic in an apocalyptic kind of way. In movies they always look awesome — kinda “biker-meets-special-ops” awesome. So it makes sense that BillyKirk’s Blackout series (an online exclusive run), featuring belts, cuffs, wallets and more, is ominous in both name and look. All black, natch, these accessories have a decidedly sinister theme (okay, except for the luggage tag — since when does anyone sinister lose their luggage?). $35+
Goruck-Bullet-Ruck-Gear-Patrol GORUCK Bullet Ruck
No, GORUCK hasn’t started producing ammo. Their new Bullet Ruck sports a slim design to help you move light and fast. There’s 10L of carrying capacity for your bare necessities plus a 3L water bladder compartment, and the usual GORUCK rundown still applies: corder, mil-spec webbing and hardware, and a Scars lifetime guarantee ensure it’ll be on your back for years to come. $195
Sony-XBA-H3-Headphones-Gear-Patrol Sony XBA-H3 Headphones
Designed in collaboration with the music group Hurts, these three-way driver in-ear headphones are geared for today’s music. With smartphone capability and a design that’s made to fit comfortably without hitting pressure points, these little guys might be the last pair of earbuds you’ll ever need. Especially since they’re capable of 107dB and you’ll probably go deaf within a week. $469
Bugatti-Legend-Jean-Bugatti-Gear-Patrol Bugatti Veyron Jean Bugatti Edition
The latest Bugatti Legends special edition Veyron is named after the son of Ettore Bugatti, Jean Bugatti, who designed the inimitable Type 57. There will be three total units of this version, which is based on the 1,200 horsepower Grand Sport Vitesse; it earns a price tag north of $3M due to upgrades including black carbon fiber bodywork, platinum grille surrounds and badges, diamond-cut wheels, a two tone interior and a rosewood gearshift lever — all inspired heavily by the original Type 57 Atlantic. $3,000,000+ ()