What’s Popular? Gone are the days when the whole country crowds around their televisions for a single event, rushes to the store to buy a hit record, or floods the box office for the summer’s blockbuster. What does it mean to be popular in a time when everything is available all the time? The New York Times takes a stab at figuring out.
Titans of Tennis A dive into the legendary rivalry between Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi in the mid ’90s. The slideshow has us rooting for a relaxed-fit comeback.
The Business of Fashion The Wall Street Journal profiles Imran Amed, founder of “The Business of Fashion”. While we’re at it, here’s a two-minute highlight reel of New York Fashion week.
Helpful Tips Stephen Mihm weighs in on the merits of tipping, a response to Pete Wells’ opinion piece asking for a policy change.
For Relaxing Times… Ten years after its debut, Sofia Coppola talks Lost in Translation and Yakuza troubles.
Hank Hits the Road It’s a rough time to be an architect. Buildings are becoming death rays, bad press from clients isn’t helping, and most pressingly: there just aren’t that many jobs out there. What do you do with formal training and a dearth of income? You buy a bus.
Grand Prize Hodinkee examines a Rolex awarded to the winner of the 1964 America’s Cup.
Touching Wired looks at the Constitutional implications of Apple’s move from passwords to fingerprints in the new iPhone. Let’s just say you might not be pleading “the fif“.
Burt’s Abode A brief and interesting profile of Burt Shavitz, the guy behind Burt’s Bees.
The Science of Snobbery The power of a first impression and preconceived notions means a lot, even when it comes to fine wine and classical music. Priceonomics took a deeper look. For more on snap judgements, look for Daniel Kahneman’s book Thinking, Fast and Slow.
On Justice The heart-wrenching story of Virginia Larzelere and her quest for truth.
Travel Envy Randy P. Martin travels to some amazing places and takes some amazing photos (as seen above). To say we’re jealous is an understatement.