Gen-Mfg-Co-Coat-Rack-Gear-Patrol-Gear-Patrol Bozeman Coat Rack By General Manufacturing
This minimalist coat rack is essentially a two-part affair: the Michigan walnut base plate is rich and masculine, and the thick wire used to form the five “hooks” — each with a tip hand-dipped in rubber — is one continuous piece. You’ll want one of these even if you’ve got a coat closet — it’d almost be a shame to hang outerwear on something so attractive. $82
Unis-Varsity-Jacket-Gear-Patrol UNIS Varsity Jackets
There are few pieces of clothing as iconic and sentimentally American as the varsity jacket, so it’s notable that these modern, slim-cut sendups are made in the USA. Several color combos are available, all with leather sleeves contrasting the wool body, and a premium, all-black Loro Piana edition utilizes Italian wool and sheepskin leather. You might want to think twice about giving this to your girl when you go steady. $428+
Withings-Pulse-Gear-Patrol Withings Pulse
This little sucker is ready to give other activity trackers a run for all their money. It weighs just 8 grams, works well whether strapped to your wrist or clipped to your shirt or tucked in your pocket, and measures steps taken, distance traveled, heart rate (via the pulse monitor on its rear), calories burned, sleep duration and more. It syncs with your phone to provide graphic analysis of all your health data, and integrates with myriad other apps to compare calorie intake and burn, among other metrics — an excellent screen swipe function means it plays well with multiple data sets. $100
Olllie-Wallet-Toolbox-Gear-Patrol Ollie Wallet Tool
Fashioned by laser from 18-gauge stainless steel or titanium, the Ollie is a basic tool set that’s small and slim enough to slide into your wallet. With wrenches, a bottle opener, a protractor, drill guides, a spoke wrench and more, the handy little doodad should MacGyver you out of pretty much any situation. There’s even a little smiley face carved into the thing to cheer your homicidal thoughts while you assemble IKEA furniture. $25+
Jean-Shop-Stitched-Leather-Belt-Gear-Patrol Jean Shop Leather Stitched Belt
Every dude needs a belt. It completes a day’s set of clothing, breaks things up visually and keep your pants up (actually, why don’t your pants fit?). This one stands out a bit due to its lighter color and unique stitching. It’s hand-dyed in Manhattan and fitted with a large brass buckle, which can be removed and replaced with one of your own. $155
Campbells-Soup-K-Cups-Gear-Patrol Campbell’s Soup K Cups
On the list of “Things We Are Both Intrigued By And Confused About”, Campbell’s K Cups are near the top, just after breast milk lollipops (yes) and Eminem’s halftime interviews (seriously…). It seems the cups brew broth that is squirted over a bowl of dry veggies and noodles, miraculously avoiding a coffee/soup taste mixup in the process. Nothing invigorates an office environment like the fresh aroma of Sally’s mid-afternoon snack, right? ()