Fujifilm-X-A1-Gear-Patrol Fujifilm X-A1
Is there a better intersection in camera consumership than light weight, high quality and relative affordability? Fujifilm just plopped their latest machine right down where those three criteria meet. It features a 16.3MP sensor, wi-fi image transfer and the same interchangeable lens mount as their X-Mount series. Face detection, JPEG/RAW modes, up to 25,600 ISO and 1080p video capability round out the options. Why aren’t you pre-ordering yet? $599
Stantt-Custom-Shirting-Gear-Patrol Stantt Custom Shirting
Stantt is a high-tech and innovative approach to shirting — a sturdy rebuttal to the idea that men fit in to just a few sizes (S, M, L, etc.). After doing computer scans of multiple body types and using the data recorded, these guys have made 50 different “sizes” of polos and button-up shirts. You send in just a few measurements, a computer algorithm chooses the fit closest to your projected shape, and a nearly custom-made shirt is sent to you door. $55+
Land-Rover-L4-Gear-Patrol 2014 Land Rover Lineup
Land Rover’s rolled out some significant changes for its 2014 lineup. The chic Evoque gains one of the only nine-speed automatics on the market (the little guy is mostly gears at this point). A 340-horsepower supercharged V6 replaces the 5-liter V8 that’s been a staple at Land Rover for years; the new V6 promises economy gains (using a start/stop function) while maintaining power levels. There are weight savings, new tech bits and styling shifts, too. We’re glad to say that pretty aluminum faces and smaller engines don’t detract from off-road chops and on-road style. jaguarlandrover.com
Dynasty-Forge-Swords-Gear-Patrol Dynasty Forge Swords
Do the specs really matter here? These guys make swords, and you know what that means. At once both art and weapon, these blades are fashioned according to ancient principles but use modern materials and technology. Choose from beautiful, ornate and lethal European, Japanese or Chinese swords (each a cut above the rest) and then either proudly display your arms or use them to take off someone’s arms (note: GP does not approve of dismemberment). dynsastyforge.com
Cold-Bruer-Gear-Patrol Cold Bruer Coffee System
Sure, you’ve got style and class and a taste for premium Joe, but do you have the time? This minimalist and modern cold brewer slooowwwlllllyyyy drips water over grounds to produce a richer, smoother end product — but depending on how you grind your beans, the process can take anywhere from 3-12 hours and makes only five cups of the cold stuff. So plan ahead. And plan for this project to be funded: it’s well on its way already. $50
Triton-7-Speaker-Gear-Patrol GoldenEar Triton Seven Tower
GoldenEar’s compact design integrates a subwoofer into the mix without sacrificing any quality down low. The Triton Seven is designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and aurally efficient, with its tapering design physically bolstering its performance. The 40-inch-tall unit features two 5.25-inch drivers on either side of a High Velocity Folded Ribbon Tweeter; two eight-inch passive radiators round out the base. $700 ()