Dali said intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings. Clearly, you’ve got both in spades — all that’s lacking is better preparation. Small upgrades can make big differences in organization, confidence and execution, and luckily for you, we’ve dug up the must-have office essentials to help you stay focused on conquering the office, one job done well at a time. Heed our advice and maybe you’ll be patting backs soon.

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Braun CoolTec Shaver


Rethinking the scruffy look? Rather than giving yourself an awkward wet-shave in the office bathroom, clean up after all-nighters with Braun’s CoolTec shaver. Thanks to the shaver’s innovative cooling technology and an advanced charging station, you’ll be able to shave without irritation, all from the comfort of your own desk. Pick one up at your local Walmart.

J.Crew Slim Non-Iron Spread-Collar Shirt


After a day in the trenches, your shirt has more wrinkles than Mick Jagger. Stay crisp with these J.Crew non-iron shirts, which are specially designed to be comfortable while remaining wrinkle-free.

Anthony Logistics For Men Instant Fix Oil Control


Slaving away in the office can give your skin a less-than-pleasant sheen. Don’t let the other side of the negotiating table think you’re sweating. This concoction from Anthony Logistics quickly absorbs excess grease on contact and helps reduce the appearance of pores.

Parabellum Collapsible Bison Hide Valet Tray


Keep track of your EDC amid that growing pile of employee of the month awards with this handsome valet tray. It’s made in the USA and available in four different colors. Next, focus on managing your department as well as your desk.

Woo Audio Aluminum Headphone Stand


Along with heavy petting in the conference room and stealing food from the fridge, leaving headphones bunched up on your desk is one of the three workplace no-nos. Woo Audio’s Aluminum Headphone stands remove clutter and look damn good while doing it. In fact, you should follow their lead.

Ghurka Satchel No. 17


A high-quality briefcase from a reputable American company isn’t just an investment in your wardrobe, but an investment in your career. Increase your professional street cred with Satchel No. 17, handmade in Norwale, Connecticut. Not taking home CEO pay just yet? Filson’s Rugged Twill Messenger Bag is another excellent, more affordable option.

Kent 85mm Folding Comb


Once upon a time, every man used to carry a trusty Kent comb in his pocket. Then again, not long before that, gents used to carry pistols on their hips. For the office, we think the comb, at least, is worth bringing back.

Steelcase Leap Task/Work Chair


If your job involves piloting a desk, you’ll spend roughly nine bagillion hours sitting down (give or take a few orders of magnitude). You could put an awkward bullseye on your back by being the one dude with a treadmill desk, or you could make the most of a bad situation with an improved seating solution. Experts have long agreed that Steelcase’s Leap office chair offers unparalleled ergonomics and comfort for the price. Plus, it’ll easily roll from your cubicle to that corner office you’ve got in your sights.

Papa Foxtrot Model Cargo Ships


A proper desk should always include a dash of whimsy — trust us, it’ll help distract the boss in a pinch. Skip the perpetual motion machines and pick up one of Papa Foxtrot’s cool designer model cargo ships. You may not be a shipping magnate now, but at least you’re keeping your eyes on the prize.

Delfonics Ballpoint Pens


Sure, toting an iPad Mini into the boardroom proves you’re forward thinking, but you’ll still be left in the meeting minutes dust while tapping away on glass. These solid Japanese writing instruments are the best thing to happen to paper since the rule line and will prove you haven’t forgotten the lessons of the past in your quest to outsmart the future.