Let’s Rock The Arctic Monkeys have been banging around for a while now, and although they’ve showed flashes of genius, nothing has come together quite as well as AM, their fifth studio album. It’s amazing. It’s sublime. And, if you can figure out how to get the falsetto from “Do I Wanna Know?” out of your head, please, please let us know.
Lock, Stock, and One Smoking Barrel Everyone’s favorite modern Bond is back in Lee Child’s newest Jack Reacher novel.
New New Journalism Here’s a new place to get your longform journalism fix. And here’s their first story, a thoughtful and intimate piece about 7,600 victims of forced sterilization in North Carolina.
Justice Through Art In one of the year’s more bizarre news stories, aspiring MMA fighter Charlie Rowan faked his own death, only to turn up in court a few months later. This piece, published by the New York Times, tells the whole fascinating story through a mixture of text and graphic novel artwork. Oh, and did we mention that you can get an audio version read by Boardwalk Empire’s Bobby Cannavale?
Dinner is Served Is this a commercial, or is this art? We don’t know. Check out this haunting, brilliant commercial for a new iOS game released by Chipotle. Their motto, “food with integrity”, just got real. For more on dining, Frank Bruni — a former food critic — wrote on the joys of becoming a restaurant regular.
Go Fly a Kite If you were looking for another reason to go outside, look no further. This insightful Opinion Piece by Carol Kaufmann offers another powerful reason to explore the great outdoors.
Lose Yourself to Dance The second-catchiest track on legendary electronic duo Daft Punk’s latest album just got a music video.
Put Me In, Coach Shea Serrano’s gig coaching middle school football proves that middle school football is ridiculous.
Pennywise Strikes Back If you live in Northampton, England, this was not the week to start reading It. Sure, it’s not illegal to dress like a clown and wave to people on the streets, but it is really, really creepy.
The Black Ballerina Ever been bit by a black widow spider? Neither have we. Ever wondered what it was like to be bitten by a black widow spider? Yeah, us too. This New Yorker piece by nature writer Jackson Landers demonstrates that, contrary to popular belief, you don’t turn into Spiderman.
Concrete Jungle Sure, a lot of fashion is shallow. Half the shows we saw during NYC’s fashion week felt a little too much like something put on by Mugatu. SLUMFLOWER, a short film editorial (as seen above) by Street Etiquette, challenges that conception, and a lot more besides. On the subject of the 212: William Helmreich has walked every street in New York City.
Under the Wire GQ‘s fantastic cover story on Idris Elba — of Stringer Bell fame and Nelson Mandela future — sheds some light on the renaissance brit.
Discovering the Game Other than plain old “Archaeologist”, “Baseball Archaeologist” might be the coolest job title ever. Except for maybe “Gear Patrol Writer”, or “Emperor”.
You Got Served Sometimes you eat the bar, and sometimes the bar eats you. In any case, science suggests that you can still get served first.
Bad Day? Nothing establishes perspective quite like a series of graphs that places your life on increasingly large timescales.