UpDesk-UpWrite-Gear-Patrol UpDesk UpWrite
Some people pay a pretty penny for the privilege of not sitting while they work. You don’t have to be one of them — instead pay only a reasonable amount to stand and slave away. This electrically adjustable standing desk features a whiteboard surface for your doodling pleasure, and it’s shaped so treadmills can fit beneath (if you’re one of those people). A good opportunity to make your posture as rigid as your work ethic. $1,149
Brown-Chromexcel-Trench-Boot-Gear-Patrol Oak Street Bootmakers Brown Chromexcel Trench Boot
They’re bAAAA-aaaaack. Last year we featured the Oak Street Bootmakers Trench Boot, and now it’s returned in brown Chromexcel Horween leather, featuring Goodyear welting, oiled leather soles, stacked leather heels and calfskin vamp lining. This is their Elston last, which is engineered for supreme fit, comfort and performance. Not that any of that even matters — just look at the damn things. Be still our aching feet heart. $426
SodaStream-Play-Gear-Patrol SodaStream Play
To accompany the refreshed SodaStream bottle, Yves Behar has graced the world with a redesigned SodaStream appliance — and it’s super funky. The machine’s panels can be swapped around for a multi-colored look that should compliment nearly any kitchen decor. With a subtle teardrop motif and other slick details, this is definitely the best-looking DIY countertop liquid carbonating machine you can find. fuseproject.com
Acre-Supply-by-Mission-Workshop-Gear-Patrol Acre Supply by MissionWorkshop
Mountain biking is about two things: performance and good looks. This new apparel and bag line sports materials meant for the trail, like Merino wool and Schoeler textiles for breathability and water-resistance. You’ll be able to brag to curious wildlife about the nanosphere tech woven into your new gear, too, and there’s space for a hydration pack so you can spend more time fording streams than drinking from them. acre-supply.com ()
Nikon-1-AW1-Gear-Patrol Nikon 1 AW1
Nikon’s newest camera in their “1” line is a mirrorless affair, and waterproof to 49 feet. With fast frame rates (the “fastest”, at 60 fps with fixed focus) DH video capability, a slow-mo mode and built-in GPS, this little sucker, which can also withstand a drop from over six feet and sub-freezing temps, is one hell of a deal for anyone looking to take a dive. $800
Tumi-Malin-Goetz-Travel-Case-Gear-Patrol Tumi x Malin+Goetz Travel Case
When two of the best in their respective businesses get together, something good is sure to follow. This Tumi dopp kit is outfitted with just about every type of grooming goo you could ever need. Face wash and moisturizer, bergamot body wash, shave cream, peppermint shampoo and cilantro conditioner (you could whip up a quick salad on the fly too) — it all fits inside the ballistic case with a see-through window. $125