Your best side has shined brightly — maybe brighter than you ever thought possible. You’ve been entertaining and engaging, listened patiently and laughed persuasively, doted and dated your way to the final exam: sleeping over. Clearly, you’ve done something right, but the light at the end of the tunnel still beckons. Though confidence has gotten you this far, now you’ll be playing on her turf, and that requires backup. Bring these items and prepare for the best.

Braun CoolTec Razor


Don’t bother trying to steal precious grooming minutes from your love’s hour-plus routine. You won’t win. Braun’s revolutionary CoolTec razors actively cool the skin while you shave, limiting irritation when you don’t use water, gels or creams. That means you can clean up for work quickly and easily, sans sink. If you’re getting used to that, things clearly are going well. Pick one up at your local Walmart.

Sleepy Jones Jasper Tailored Boxer


Of course you look great with your clothes on — who are we talking about here? But what about with them (almost) off? Expect all eyes to be south of the border… on your tailored boxers. These soft cotton undies from Sleepy Jones will keep you more than decent thanks to any of several sharp patterns; a coin pocket can be a savior for thrown-out-without-clothes cab fare; and a double button fly guarantees no one gets a look at the goods unless they really want to.

Rise for iPhone


They say time flies when you’re having fun, but too much of a good thing can ruin perfectly a good career path. Set your alarm in mere seconds with a drag of your finger on the Rise app, which beats the current iOS competition for design and ease of use. There’s also an option to wake up to customized playlists, so start picking your favorite R. Kelly tracks now.

Twelve South PlugBug World


You’re likely to find Atlantis before two free outlets in your better half’s realm. Twelve South’s PlugBug charges both an iPhone and an iMac/iPad simultaneously and boasts support for all manner of international adaptors — so you can sleep soundly wherever the quest for pillow talk takes you.

Baxter of California Travel Kit


We know the real odds of you gathering your shower supplies while in a rush. Baxter of California’s travel kit takes the stress out of packing in a hurry, covering all of the basic grooming essentials including daily face wash, oil-free moisturizer and daily protein shampoo. Thanks to Braun’s Cooltec, you can give the shaving cream to your better half without worry. She was going to steal it anyway.



Spare your personal pride and credit statement from the pain of funding Matthew McConaughey’s latest drawl-filled disaster. MoviePass is a movie fan’s dream: members can watch up to a movie a day in theaters (IMAX and 3D excluded) for one low flat monthly rate. Dating a real cinephile? Your birthday gift search just got easier.

DSPTCH Macbook Case


DSPTCH’s new line of MacBook cases manages your charging cables and cords on top of keeping your laptop safe. They’re also made right here in the U.S.A. Whether it lasts longer than your relationship is entirely up to you.

Mac Weldon Undershirts


A good undershirt will spare your work attire from the worst your sweat glands have to offer. Mac Weldon’s v-neck and crew-neck undershirts are made from 95% cotton and 5% lycra, so they’ll keep their shape no matter how fast they’re ripped off.

Everlane Weekender


Don’t treat an overnight stay like a road game in high school. Leave your gym bag at the gym and travel in style with Everlane’s Weekender. It’s got more than enough room for a night’s worth of clothes, and is affordable enough that leaving it behind won’t leave you devastated.

Handpresso Auto French Press


Discovering that she picked up a Mate habit in college shouldn’t ruin your morning. Handpresso’s Auto French Press allows coffee connoisseurs to pull delicious shots of espresso from the comfort of their car. Just plug it into a 12V cigarette lighter, add water, an espresso pod of choice and press a button. After 3 beeps, your wake-up call is ready to go.